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Princess Ariel
GuestDate: Monday, 28.07.14, 2.54 PM | Message # 1906
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Short, sweet, to the point, FR-EtexacEly as information should be!
GuestDate: Monday, 28.07.14, 3.08 PM | Message # 1907
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This is the best remix I have ever heard in my entire life. I wish they relaly made a song together. < 3 Make more of these, bro! I am counting this remix as one of my favorite songs. I love the origonal Hollywood Undead Undead, but I dunno. This remix is the shizzz. < 33333
GuestDate: Monday, 28.07.14, 4.48 PM | Message # 1908
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剛才測試發現用find物件,execute方法的replaceall引數(即word全部取代功能)果然很慢,若改為下式則快多了:只是我目前還抓不穩range的start 和 end的數值.還須多加測試.關鍵是不要用range去比對,而是先將range的text值賦予一字串變數.我也想過用open for input as 的敘述試試.再說.Sub replacetest0() '2012/6/5Dim a As Range, x As Long, q As StringDim s As Date, e As Date, g, i'Set a = ActiveDocument.Range'Debug.Print Len(a)s = VBA.Timerq = ActiveDocument.Rangex = InStr(q, "翁方綱")'x = InStr(a.Text, "翁方綱")For Each g In ActiveDocument.Comments g.DeleteNextWith ActiveDocument Do Until x = 0' .Range(x - 1, x + 3 - 1).Select .Range(x - 1, x + Len("翁方綱") - 1).Text = "孫守真" i = i + 1' If i = 68 Then Stop x = InStr(x + 1, q, "翁方綱") If .Range(x - 1, x + 3 - 1) <> "翁方綱" Then e = VBA.Timer Debug.Print e - s Debug.Print i Stop End If 'a.Text = Replace(a.Text, "翁方綱", "孫守真") 'a.Find.Execute "翁方綱", , , , , , , , , "孫守真", wdReplaceAll '果然太慢!! LoopEnd Withe = VBA.TimerDebug.Print e - sEnd Sub
GuestDate: Tuesday, 29.07.14, 6.47 AM | Message # 1909
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I love writing lists of <a href="http://vvracbgwb.com">erradns</a>, grocery items, random to-do items, thank you notes I have to write, etc. But I have never written out anything related to training. I use spreadsheets and only have a small amount of space for comments. When I look back at some of my best running from years ago, I don't have enough info there to tell me why I was truly successful -- only a list of runs and paces.I would love to try using a journal! I really feel that when I put pen to paper, especially when it comes to goals and dreams, it makes them a reality. It can be a scary reality in the sense that I may be afraid that I can't reach that goal and it will be a more "public" failure if it is captured somewhere in the written word! But I think making it more real is also what will help motivate me to reach my goals. I have found that even in the past 2+ months that I have been blogging, I am more motivated (and inspired from reading blogs like yours!) than ever before. You are going to do so great at MCM! smile
Johnd567Date: Thursday, 11.09.14, 3.37 AM | Message # 1910
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vtbfrfvaoDate: Wednesday, 21.01.15, 6.36 AM | Message # 1917
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The road leading to a distant Hills, a time when the busy summer , the fields are golden one , looking ahead, like a golden sea . Spring is new. The new plan, a new world, a new hope.
I do not know who said this sentence: one hundred times fall , 101 once stood up even if successful . I do not deny that the height of the meaning of this sentence , but only if you are willing to fall for the job , who would fall for no reason ? Unless you want to get something you want to get or want to reach the desired location when arriving and had to fall . In fact, in my opinion, there is no need to express success so complicated , success is very simple to achieve your goals and achieve your ideal success. So , want to succeed, we must first have a goal , to have ideals, have a dream . Have a dream , life becomes a lot simpler life is actually a dream process.

Added (21.01.15, 6.36 AM)
King asked . Gentleman Cautious, have strict self-discipline, a good morality, does not stagnate in worldly possessions for their own goals endless struggle. To forestall a rainy day, always without departing from the road.
We can not be too greedy , we should be responsible for their own choices , and again I'm sorry to evade responsibility not only others, but also I'm sorry ourselves.

GeorgeDotaDate: Thursday, 22.01.15, 4.54 PM | Message # 1918
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so that drivers can carefully check for any downed power lines, freight trains still were not running on CSX tracks between Richmond and north of Albany, he thinks a stretch of boardwalk on the north side of town would have been lost. Monday. he thinks a stretch of boardwalk on the north side of town would have been lost.
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