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<h1><a href=>tory burch crossbody</a> </h1>But think of their own is the most trust, the most intimate series of betrayal and use of his, in this moment the king learn ultra-real experience to Chun-Chieh Wu said the phrase, in official circles in order to achieve their purpose, can be unscrupulous, even if it is to betray their most intimate minded people, at this moment a strange aversion, suddenly filled with a feeling heart Daojiao, the teeth Princess sound, Nu Sheng XU Jiang-ping father and son growled: Go! You out of here! Immediately go away <h2><a href=>tory burch marion saddle bag</a> </h2> far, do not let me see you <strong><a href=></a> </strong> again.

聽! #

Chapter 328 Zhongli Qi repentance

聽 Chapter 328 Zhongli Qi repentance

聽 Hear Wang Xue-chao, XU Jiang-ping hanging heart finally put down the advance brought a bank card on the edge of the bed, Wang Xue-chao, Wang Xue-chao said: Amy! This is some of my years savings, I know this beast to bring you the damage can not be measured in monetary terms, but I really can not think of something to supplement your hope that you will accept it.

聽 Wang Xue-chao heard XU Jiang-ping, eyes shot a sharp eye, XU Jiang-ping Nu Sheng said: XU Jiang-ping! If you do not want to find me avenge the <strong><a href=></a> </strong> son of a bitch, give me holding you these things go away, Otherwise, once I go to work, I will leave no stone unturned to avenge your father and son.

聽 Watched Jiang-Ping Xu and his son to leave, Wang Xue-chao, the mood becomes very bad turn of events for him to really appreciate the cruelty of this society, although before his attitude has obviously a lot of changes, but in this moment he was really a mature, his future career on the road to take a lot less bending <a href=>tory burch outlet shoes</a> .
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<h1><a href=>tory burch holly sandals</a> </h1>Mark here, otherwise you can not find here, you miserable. Lin Hu Li Yan <h2><a href=>tory burch outlet shoes</a> </h2> did not mind, but said with a smile. In fact, Li Yan hearts prepared the magic number of monks to join the monks on the prairie is likely to suffer, and here is likely to be their last line of defense. If you do not, it is superfluous <strong><a href=></a> </strong> to the crisis, to resist those sand family monks, is <strong><a href=></a> </strong> also entirely possible.

Three saw Li Yan Shilin them turn around, readily inserted under a few patches of flag returns. That without any changes in Shilin, three very confused.

Arranged over? Zhang Feng asked, puzzled.

Arranged over! Li Yan said, laughing.

So simple? Woodlands against the law asked, know nothing about.

It's that simple. Li Yan is still replied with a smile.

Well, you can now go in I am afraid the consequences will be very serious delays. Zhang Feng slightly sighed, then looked at the hands of the law disk, because the Law on the disc can be very clear display of all the Gobi within location of monks. Everyone has one. The operation is very simple.

Well, you can go. Li Yan said, laughing. In fact, he is only here arranged a very simple matrix method it is simply not their role, but in order to conceal his shadow here.

So No wonder Zhangfeng trio look down, do not think that this matrix method any usefulness. However, Li Yan did not, because it might be possible to do not have access to it. He did so just in case <a href=>tory burch usa</a> .
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<h1><a href=>tory burch outlet sale</a> </h1>Jian Qi, he seems to reach a very mysterious realm, he could feel that no return jianjue the mysterious.

Do not know how long, he breaks into the realm of no return.

Yes, that is no back to the realm. Which he has no intention to break through to the realm of no return!

However, after three days and three nights!

All the horror of watching this scene, the endless mine robbed, or endless Jianguang, the same shocking! Unforgettable!

However, the fighting still continued,

When Li Yan slowly opened his eyes, never back to the realm wake up, those monks suddenly found although some bleak Jianguang suddenly brightened up! And more and more light, more light, and finally arrived at an extremely bright level, suddenly broke out again the outbreak, broke out in a burst of extremely bright light!

Subsequently, a Jianguang.

This Jianguang looks very ordinary, without any special, the monks do not know <h2><a href=>tory burch official site</a> </h2> this Jianguang in the end what is <strong><a href=></a> </strong> the use, seemingly ordinary Jianguang but directly through the sword, and the sea, and Ray robbery, directly to the which robbery Cloud.

That seemingly ordinary Jianguang ignoring the fact that all existence, the robbery goes sky divided into two!

The monks almost all think they hallucinating!

How may of them that were beheaded because robbery goes into two sections? But the sheer fact tell them, that is the truth! Robbery goes chop became two and a half!

No one knows Li Yan is how to <strong><a href=></a> </strong> do, just know that he has the strength of the the beheaded robbery cloud!

Robbing the cloud of the sky had been beheaded in two and a half, the endless Ray robbery gone, robbing the cloud disappeared <a href=>tory burch satchel</a> .
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<h1><a href=>Authentic Tory Burch</a> </h1>Powerful ah, even the time to have this idea. Said Yuqing surprised.

Maybe for us, Ray robbery is very scary, but for Li Daoyou, and not necessarily more than terror. <h2><a href=>tory burch tote</a> </h2> Lin Qiang said dismissively.

I think he has always been fine, clear look. Certainly with confidence. Lin Hu said <strong><a href=></a> </strong> dismissively.

Great strength will <strong><a href=></a> </strong> bring a strong self-confidence, which is no doubt, Li Daoyou the strength would certainly have even more powerful than we can imagine. Zhang Feng faint.

I'm afraid no one knows how powerful his real strength. Lin Qiang said dismissively.

Oh, some people know him in the end how strong, but I am afraid that those who have died. Zhang Feng faint.

Yeah, say of Li Daoyou so powerful monks, If there are no cards and no one will believe, really curious what his cards. Asked Lam, puzzled.

What is the bottom line? Lin Hu asked, puzzled.

Is the last of the life insurance supernatural powers. Zhang Feng faint.

That is certainly very high-handed, I'm sure! Lin Hu said very positive.

Oh, who are aware of. Lin Qiang faint.

Well, the most important thing is that in the end he have any life insurance supernatural powers, so we are very curious. Zhang Feng said with a smile.

It looked, in the end, who is uncertain Lidao You will use it. Said Yuqing hint.

Wait and see! Lin Qiang said with some excitement.


He should also have such a high-handed <a href=>tory burch holly sandal</a> .
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<h1><a href=>tory burch outlet store</a> </h1>One in a couple of girls have superior strength, fly very far to find a no one has set foot in the place is very simple but Xing-Yao Zhang and Lucifer to look up to a lot of trouble.

聽 In accordance with the <strong><a href=></a> </strong> guidelines in those two places at once put an great distances, suddenly appears at the bottom of a beautiful valley, intuition told Zhang Xingyao a couple of girls are likely in this valley. He and Lucifer landed down. Sure enough, after the lower height, Xing-Yao Zhang and Lucifer found the figure of a <strong><a href=></a> </strong> couple of girls.

聽 Several of the girls should just enjoy a good lunch, the small forbearance eat straight hiccup but still dangling from most donuts do not want to put down. Shaye elegant rely on the sitting Shupang y墨n shadows looking at enjoying this rare moment of rest, Lucifer walked only she knew the original Devil to control things so much, with little time together come out to play. Above her knees, Fu Zhao a cute fox ears Lolita What food Luna must get up early to prepare it? She lying on Sawyer's lap is sleeping soundly, the back of the skirt accidentally rolled up, revealing a cute little pants. The initiator of her tail. Because they <h2><a href=>tory burch holly sandal</a> </h2> are that comfortable toss toss, Luna is doing a happy dream, will not tell me about it? Think Zhang Xingyao narcissistic.

聽 Allure Shakespeare no longer here, a distant Tata stepped hoofs, a number of the white s猫 the horse galloping from afar, above a dressed Silver s猫 armor horsewoman, behind red s猫 cloak the entire with flying. This valiant female knight in addition to AI Lusha also <a href=>tory burch outlet store</a> .
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<h1><a href=></a> </h1>Madman said helplessly.

What if he uses a supernatural power, and then put all the strength of consumption of a space, even if it is common Ray robbery can also kill him, even if he spent the wild robbery What is the use? Laughs last is king. Road faint.

Oh, how there will be one million years wild robbery, it is simply incredible, this is appear in the body of a robbery San Xian, this is not terrible! Zhang madman said helplessly.

Appears in the body who are deadly! Seasoned faint.

Oh, this guy, do not hit this unharmed? Zhang madman also began to gossip up alas.

Oh, man, how do you start gossip, also Hit unharmed? Do not you <h2><a href=>tory burch usa</a> </h2> know the practitioner is of the Guards and the line of it, lives in contention with the day it! Said lightly seasoned,

How do I do not know, just, Zhang madman helpless sigh the tone.

By this time, we can only trust him, he is the best, he is the strongest! Road said dismissively.

Well, Zhang madman is also a firm eyes looked at Li Yan, the hearts of the silent blessing.


This <strong><a href=></a> </strong> is wild robbed it? Said one on the sidelines of the monks horror.

Yes, robbed the middle of nowhere. Another one of the monks said very positive.

No, not enough blood evil robbery, wild robbery but also to thousands of years, this is not to human life it! Said on the sidelines of a monk his face pale.

Once-in-a-million years Savage robbery are encountered <strong><a href=></a> </strong> Li Yan, What is the probability, and blood evil <a href=>tory burch marion saddle bag</a> .
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<h1><a href=>tory burch thora sandals</a> </h1>Leave the hospital? Heard a doctor Chun-Chieh Wu's words, was very puzzled, then Chun-Chieh Wu asked.

聽 Director Wu! Dr Chan said yes, and now we even if the hospital several vice president did not dare interfere with your work, why Wu restricted the oxygen you also insisted on leaving our hospital? Is a doctor then asked Chun-Chieh Wu Road.

聽 Chun-Chieh Wu oncology work is unlike in the past, as tied hand-tied feet, but this is, after all, is a public hospital because of system problems, do not say hospital open on weekdays huge capital, but also the possessor of a large number of idlers, and the wool in sheep, the hospital to make <h2><a href=>tory burch thora sandals</a> </h2> money only to make money object is locked in the patient's body, resulting in patient medical bills than private clinics much higher, some conflict with his own medicine to help more needy patient's original intention, so he will be thinking about to start one of their own hospitals, to better help those who need help the patient.

聽 Say the truth in <strong><a href=></a> </strong> the People's Hospital of work the past few months, everyone's cooperation, makes my job very well, but my ambition is to make all the money to see a doctor for cancer patients are able to get the most basic treatment of security, do not like cancer word as heard in the past, it seems like the sky is falling, so I decided to open a hospital, the hospital has already begun to build, such as the completion of the hospital, will be officially put into use.

聽 The presence of everyone heard the message Chun-Chieh Wu even build their own hospital, no doubt feel very shocked, Vonnie surprised Chun-Chieh Wu asked: Wu restricted the <strong><a href=></a> </strong> oxygen your own running of hospitals! That your hospital to do there?

聽 Hospital <a href=>tory burch thora sandals</a> .
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<h1><a href=>tory burch sale</a> </h1>Surgical several disease into I am afraid time is running out.

聽 Disease into the safety of course very important, but your health is more important, you give up the rest of course, will result in a small part of the disease into the dying, but equal to save more patients, so 10 yao, you should not even think to escape my monitor The Linmu Yao like a girl and incomprehensible words, Chun-Chieh Wu a listen, look unruly rejected Chun-Chieh <h2><a href=>tory burch sandals</a> </h2> Wu's request.

聽 Chun-Chieh Wu see Linmu Yao King ran even a word not listen, no doubt feel very angry, in peacetime he certainly would not bother Linmu Yao, but the starting point of Linmu Yao to his health, he is extremely helpless, Linmu Yao explains: Linmu Yao! afternoon surgery is not for me to do, but Chenzhen Liang surgeon, I just looked <strong><a href=></a> </strong> on Chenzhen Liang technical guidance only, if you do not believe me, go with me to the time in the supervision I am.

聽 Linmu Yao Chun-Chieh Wu character more or less understood that she knew the desperate, Chun-Chieh Wu Chun-Chieh Wu will certainly be anxious with her, so when she chose to compromise with Chun-Chieh Wu, but they did not forget to Chun-Chieh Wu said: Junjie! We can say that set, you are just at the side guidance only, if you fail to comply with this agreement, they could not talk to you compromise, fans of the book also like to see:

聽 The must! Sure! I promise, I guarantee Wei into, definitely not a breach <strong><a href=></a> </strong> of contract, just to the side guidance. Chun-Chieh Wu see Linmu Yao finally relented, and my heart is secretly virtual sighed, I guarantee to Linmu Yao <a href=>tory burch satchel</a> .
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<h1><a href=>tory burch thora sandals</a> </h1>A loud shout, the original confrontation with the unicorn, a sudden twist arms swelled, finally spread to become root writhing tentacles. These tentacles longer thicker Kirin wound.

聽 What? Something! Can not break free the unicorn two forepaw Xing-Yao Zhang's hands together, instantly tentacles to bundled live. Next is the body and head. In order to prevent tied, Kirin immediately spit out the hot flame want to blow these tentacles, the results of the flame actually encountered these tentacles instantly absorbed! Soon to be unthinking and bind them <strong><a href=></a> </strong> in a large dumplings.

聽 Kirin struggled a few times to understand this is not used to the tricks of the trapped people, because it is the body's energy is rapidly disappeared. Obviously be able to feel the energy of these strange shot to be absorbed into the Xing-Yao Zhang in vivo. Since the spell fails, then try the power <strong><a href=></a> </strong> of ** it! Unicorn struggling to struggle, but unfortunately not only not been able to get rid of these entanglement tentacles, but more and more tightly wrapped, more suck the faster! Bad and then suck! I lost! These energy Orcs thousands of years of belief in the power of cohesion, how this kid absorptiometry it? Kirin had to throw in the towel.

聽 Ha ha ha, think of this move is so powerful! Did not expect to devour this move even if Versus animal unicorn so so, Xing-Yao Zhang laugh, let go of him in the return of the unicorn absorbed energy.

聽 I did not expect you will put my energy to send back, I'm convinced! Signing a contract! To <h2><a href=>tory burch official site</a> </h2> know this, but need to practice to get tens of millions of years tremendous energy, Xing-Yao Zhang actually send even without batting an eye <a href=>authentic tory burch</a> .

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<h1><a href=>tory burch crossbody bag</a> </h1>The Ge Juzhang of the side of the phone see Zheng Xiao rain remain <strong><a href=></a> </strong> silent, his brow was wrinkled, think to yourself: Do not leave last night drug?

聽 Xiao Zheng! Something can not come? If so, then forget it, but <strong><a href=></a> </strong> do not worry about your county funding for education, I am here to help you urge the following to handle as soon as possible.

聽 Zheng Xiao Yu of course very clear Ge, deputy Secretary mouth as soon as possible in the end refers to what, thought his uncle had just been detained for interrogation, their own on the dingy to step down, this is undoubtedly let Zheng Xiao <h2><a href=>tory burch crossbody</a> </h2> Yu was very unwilling, final Zheng Xiao rain seems to make up determined to like, finally answer said: Ge Shushu! afternoon to the city to take a trip, specifically until I again you face-to-face report.

聽 Ge, deputy director, see Zheng Xiao rain finally compromise, face a profound grin, of Zheng Xiao Yu said with a smile: Xiao Zheng! That afternoon I was in the city waiting for you. Then hung up the phone, his face showing a Vice leering look, said to himself: Zheng Xiao Yu! thought still had Liubai Chuan Yang canary in a cage? Liubai Chuan had reason to support you, it is actually trying to get enlist into the a **, but unfortunately he did not expect not to harvest the fruits of victory, but had fallen, I help my wife gave Liu Baichuan for the position of deputy director of my first on you, and then pack Liubai Chuan Yang woman.

聽 ZHENG Xiao Yu put the phone down, the whole people suddenly froze there, and soon after, she dumped a slap in the face, Nu Sheng shouted: Zheng Xiao Yu, when did you become such, for power allows you to lay down their self-esteem, willing to be one of those <a href=>tory burch marion slouchy tote</a> .

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<h1><a href=>Authentic Tory Burch</a> </h1>Zheng Xiao <h2><a href=>tory burch tote sale</a> </h2> Yu is naturally very clear, but she did not care, but they think so to realize Chun-Chieh Wu excellent, but she <strong><a href=></a> </strong> did not expect Chun-Chieh Wu, in addition to those nurses of the hospital <strong><a href=></a> </strong> like, but there are still a daughter of the Commission for Discipline Inspection and a star like him, although she Chen Tianqi's identity is unclear, but regardless of the Commission for Discipline Inspection daughter, who star cute or make her feel an invisible pressure, so she was secretly determined, after the county as long as the right, she must do every day Huihu the sea, only waited at the side of Chun-Chieh Wu at all times, so as to put an end to take advantage of the other girls while she was not in Shanghai Sea.

聽 Experienced the ups and downs of some time ago, Zheng Xiao Yu soon adjust their mentality, Chen Tianqi rival did not looked down on, but is a look affectionately Chen Tianqi said: Although I do not know what you called, but Since you Junjie students, today left to eat a simple meal, Junjie surgery almost six ten to end, according to the time he returned from the hospital, another half an hour he'll be back, I cooking dinner for him in the living room a little sit down for a while.

聽 Chen Tianqi to see Zheng Xiao Yu expose the lies, not only do not have any embarrassed, but still considered itself as a hostess, is undoubtedly hate teeth itch, in the heart cursed Road: This is exactly what? Even thick-skinned to this point, does she not know how to write words of shame?

聽 By just short battle with Zheng Xiao Yu, Chen Tianqi clearly realize that they are fundamentally <a href=></a> .
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<h1><a href=>tory burch crossbody bag</a> </h1>Smile.

In Yuehua Jian, the two girls went to the underground chamber, the identity of the two seems very, very special position, the outside guard did not block the two girls.

Haner, Keiji you just come and see this person, you do not know recognize. Cop Venerable asked with some surprise.

! Cloud Han looked somewhat tense Li Yan has been seriously injured coma exclaimed.

Water Xin went over, after careful identification, and finally determined that this person is then <strong><a href=></a> </strong> calmly leave Li Yan!

Oh, I said Haner how anyone despise it, it was thinking <h2><a href=>tory burch crossbody</a> </h2> about this kid, but this kid seriously injured coma, but the momentum is very overbearing, and still in such a short time, practicing Void realm is really a rare genius! cop Venerable seems must've smiles.

Grandfather! Cloud Han look shy little children gesture, gently stamped scraps, some of said non-compliance.

Well, take him with healing first, then talking about the other, but not let him out of your garden, you know? The Venerable cop hesitated slightly, and finally decided to come to the policy of appeasement to treat Li Yan.

Ah, you <strong><a href=></a> </strong> know. Cloud Han seems to know the seriousness of the situation, nodded solemnly.

Then, they picked up Li Yan, but seemed to feel that a strong masculine, so she had some getting hot, it seems that some sense of powerlessness, then glared at a laughing in the next water Xin Road: do not come and help!

Help, help! Water Xin feeling over, Li Yan took over, the two quasi- <a href=>tory burch holly sandals</a> .
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<h1><a href=>tory burch crossbody bag</a> </h1>In the past!

Moths to a flame! Li Yan Lengheng the sound a Jian Qi suddenly the sky, rushing fifth-order legendary place beheaded!

Followed by hundreds of monks into the sky at the same time, Li Yan rushed past, tragic momentum Li Yan felt the thrill of the heart, but he did not fear, but a kind of feel passionately!

Come on! Let the fight to the more violent it! Li Yan arrogant roared.

Xuanbing cut! These white family monks to know unusual attacks do not do nothing Li Yan, even collective Xuanbing to chop this powerful supernatural powers, the most important of these white family monks, even want together with these monks, including the spectators with attack!

Oh! Monks of the white family crazy, we have not even attack!

Crazy, kill them!

Yes, kill them!

Can not let them cast out!

Followed by the countless spectators monks have launched attacks, hundreds of white family monks is too small, basic without any resist will be overwhelmed by the numerous attacks! Instantly torn to pieces!

Watching the chaos <h2><a href=>authentic tory burch</a> </h2> into a group scene, Li Yan does not have any interest in staying here, then the sky, we must choose to leave. But then a cold voice and a huge coercion still here!

Kill the white family monks wanted to leave so? An <strong><a href=></a> </strong> old man sounded angry appear in the peak of the bamboo!

You are who? [-99down] Li Yan asked <strong><a href=></a> </strong> dismissively. Hearts know that this person is definitely more than eight bands monks monks, otherwise absolutely no such <a href=>tory burch outlet online</a> .

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<strong><a href=></a> </strong> <h1><a href=>authentic tory burch</a> </h1>As possible husband bitch, I want to be on her, even if you guys Shanghai Hai covered, she should obediently climbed the foot licking my toes. Cycle <h2><a href=>tory burch satchel</a> </h2> to think of their own do everything possible to want to get their hands on Lin Ruoxuan, made a Shanghai Hai guys, no doubt is very angry, this moment, he has been completely decorum face, mouth obscene provocation Chun-Chieh Wu.

聽 The Fang Niuwa! Fuck your ancestors! Your dad before cuckolded, you and your family are a cuckold Zhang Shengli, the cycle mouthful of nasty insults Chun-Chieh Wu, the inner anger thorough outbreak, wanted to rush forward lesson cycle.

聽 Chun-Chieh Wu see Zhang Shengli want lessons frequency, reached out his hand and stopped Zhang Shengli, smiled and Zhang Shengli, said: Victory! Mad dog barking, are you okay with the animals care about what?

聽 Chun-Chieh Wu Here, reached for the phone, while looking <strong><a href=></a> </strong> for a phone number in the phone's address book, while the frequency asked: the cycle! Not to say that to block Lin Ruoxuan? If Lin Ruoxuan abroad to develop, are you going to how to block him? your father is China SARFT Secretary, but not the Secretary-General of the United Nations, you can rely on your father's Fukuzawa blocked her in the country, then you have the ability in the international ban him?

Chapter 167 public on her face

聽 Not long after the phone called the face of Chun-Chieh Wu lu faint smile, an extremely pure United States, then say hello to each other and said: Mr. 鍙茶拏鑺柉姣斿皵, other book club normal to see: Hello! Junjie Wu!

聽 Chun-Chieh Wu Initials, Finals just fallen, the presence of all clearly hear the phone Chun-Chieh Wu, a foreigner came to be extremely happy to answer voice: Jun <a href=>tory burch outlet store</a> .

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<h1><a href=>tory burch holly sandals</a> </h1>Xiao Xuan? Are you okay? Ha ha ha ha ha ha! I did not expect to hold on, and protect your Chenbing Qian died ah ha ha ha! Good, I'm still alive! The my earthshaking printed. I earthshaking India?

聽 The thunder sword directly across his head, This is Zhang Xingyao to the his answer. That the goods actually curse Xiaoqian die, earthshaking India Zhang Xingyao hands has not returned to him. Therefore, in order to Xing-Yao Zhang, he was invited uncommon to find Cynanchum students. Shook his head helplessly, it seems that it will not be long before he may have to set foot on the exile life. Fortunately, you can always go back to the refuge in the Devil, <strong><a href=></a> </strong> Zhang Xingyao not in a hurry.

聽 Lucifer, Where are you? Zhang Xingyao contact with the soul <h2><a href=></a> </h2> from the Lucifer.

聽 We have found a channel can continue in-depth, you come over here! Soon, Lucifer's voice appeared in the mind at the same time pass over the approximate orientation of the channel, so Zhang Xingyao catch in the past.

聽 ps next chapter in the adventure harvest it quack

Article 111 The 14 Chapter harvest time matrix method?

聽 Through the numerous ruins off the cross, Xing-Yao Zhang back Lucifer and Chenbing Qian 'side. Sure enough, in front of them is a downward channel, leading to where <strong><a href=></a> </strong> I do not know. I walked in front! Here all the matrix method loss of effectiveness. Otherwise, there will be new trouble, call robbed mine this trick can not be used.

聽 Heaven is fair, this deception will not be without cost. Chenbing Qian said. She is the repair Once upon a native-born child, and grew up as the next head to develop, so we know a lot of Confidential <a href=>ory burch usa</a> .

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<h1><a href=>tory burch reva ballet flats</a> </h1>Clinic of things to come.

聽 Gong director! Even if you do not require I Qudu the treatment on your Department of Infectious Diseases, And I want you, Department of Infectious Diseases, because you have isolation wards, and the poison after leaving the human body does not die, but will under the insanity of the human body, the legendary manufacturing toxic poison, usually a variety of highly toxic poisonous snakes and scorpions, lizards, etc. into the same utensils to make it and bite each other, propoxur, and finally left The under worm is the only surviving insanity, this process takes a few years time, only Guchong If there is no death, then down into the insanity you can not manufacture another one Guchong, continue in order to avoid under insanity with a harm Guchong, I must stop Guchong escape from the hospital, you Infectious Diseases isolation ward is the most appropriate place.

聽 Let other doctors to observe this process is not <strong><a href=></a> </strong> impossible, however Guchong this thing after all, only in the martial arts and movies which can be seen, and the terrible Guchong depth the heart of all, in order to avoid unnecessary panic, absolutely can not tell other people that patient's body Guchong, what <strong><a href=></a> </strong> an excuse, I think to explain microbial <h2><a href=>tory burch outlet shoes</a> </h2> parasites.

聽 Gong director heard Chun-Chieh Wu, subconsciously arrangements agreed with Chun-Chieh Wu, after all, poison the word for the Chinese people, is an evil poison, once news spread is bound to cause panic, when he endorsed replied: Director Wu! Do you want a very thoughtful, do not say that we have not yet determine whether the patient's body stuff really is poison, even poison we must remain confidential, otherwise the consequences could be disastrous.

聽 Yes! Rid of this <a href=>tory burch miller</a> .

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<h1><a href=>tory burch outlet store</a> </h1>Please! Li Yan smile, must've said.

Li Yan shameless point, high-level monks to have the dignity of the high priest, you do, I am afraid to lose the dignity of your high-level monks, everyone is the bottom line! Yin magic listening to Lee rock, then finally <h2><a href=>tory burch marion</a> </h2> spoke.

The bottom line? Bottom line for me is to ask you what you say, dare nonsense, I will let you Qiusibuneng to die not! Li Yan Lengheng. Soon Road.

Li Yan, you can cast a variety of means to deal with me, I have followed it wants to, but you can not let those low-level monk to insult me! Yin magic some said excitedly.

Do not bother with your nonsense, the last chance, if asked you a question you do not answer, do not blame me you're welcome! Under sneer Li Yan said.

Why did you become like this! Li Yan Lengheng soon as asked.

I swallowed the the Master left by magic blood. Yin magic very helpless, but finally gave in, because he knew that, this time against Li Yan, it is simply your own sins.

How, I tuned also be right. Li Yan said proudly.

Pei Yuanlong, Pei Yuanhu, a look of black lane: This is how he.

Nothing, is to make a large number of low-level monks, turns the ravages of <strong><a href=></a> </strong> his time, and then he behaved. Li Yan laughed.

Everything at hand it? Peiyuan Long Yin magic is not relationship, relationship with him is the cure-all, but that the fundamental relationship between their Advanced realm of legend.

I shot, do <strong><a href=></a> </strong> not you? Li Yan laughed.

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<h1><a href=>tory burch marion tote</a> </h1>Made out of colorful Golden Flower is a <strong><a href=></a> </strong> longing for the color, repair children do not know this colorful Golden Flower in the end what's the use, <strong><a href=></a> </strong> then asked: Brother, you say this colorful Jinhua good, Everywhere is used to do?

聽 Long Tao smiled and said: the usefulness of this colorful flowers of very wide range, can be alchemy, refining, grown up on the mind, enhance the cultivation, between heaven and earth, this is very good, very good things, <h2><a href=>tory burch tote</a> </h2> ah, repair children, we He picked okay?

聽 Repair children Han Han smile, said: Brother how to do how to do, I listen to big brother.

聽 Long Tao smiled and said: This is a colorful the Golden Flower refining four immortality, what grade I will not speak of this immortality can help people grown up flesh, practicing mind, enhance the repair of more solid foundation, and This six colorful Golden light alchemy, will be able to refining the twenty-four immortality, but this the colorful Golden refining immortality, a person can only eat one, eat a lot of it useless, but also must be more large Luo Jin Sin must be eaten, because of the large Luo Jin Sin people eat can not digest, it is possible will be huge amounts of energy to the body rub burst, so we refined so much Dan drugs useless, according to I say, with five colorful Golden refining immortality, and then with the one used in the refining, to know with colorful Jinhua ingredients refining, that's a lot to strengthen magic weapons attack capability, defense capability, while the rest of the roots we do not pull out, because this colorful Golden roots, then another five hundred years will have another meeting, and five centuries later If you drive do not pick it into water, leaving only the root <a href=>tory burch holly sandal</a> .
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