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AllospamsDate: Thursday, 16.05.13, 9.17 AM | Message # 6019
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TraurdyweerDate: Thursday, 16.05.13, 10.05 AM | Message # 6020
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<h1><a href=></a>


His hands interwoven torn rule the Sword suddenly cracked his own mouth haemorrhagic smashed fly out.

This world. Whoever you come to kill me, The Fan Ye roared, waving moving black Heavenly Sword again slash at smb.

Endless Mountains over all exposed to shock tolerance, heart very shocked the ancient killer toward God - this world and the?

Although many people are aware <strong><a href=></a>
</strong> of. They have been there, but low-key a lot of it, but hear smell on earth to punish the Eucharist, is still very shocking.

In a world of only those ancient heritage, in order to have a way to contact to earth, which is really interesting.

To note that the terrorist character of the earth, everyone is aware of, Huiyi man and white woman must be a seminal figure of the killer God toward.

In this world competition is very cruel, the seeds of the younger generation is not a lot of people of great means to get this <h2><a href=></a>
</h2> status.

But, now the ancient killer God toward the seed was <strong><a href=></a>
</strong> hit Eucharist kill, which is really surprising, in the end who is the killer?


Fan Ye Black Heavenly Sword whirl move down the a mountain gave piduan the, of Baizhang sword transection sky!


Huiyi men resorted to an ancient tower on the spot smashed smash, he vomited blood again, desperate to fly evasive.

Want to kill me, I want you to heaven trackless turn into the earth, and how on earth!

Fan Ye's hair, the golden blood flowing down, and fell on his face, he looks like a statue to open the yoke of the gods of revenge, a strong unmatched.

His white teeth flashing coldness, and the line Royal Air the Black Sword chopped break all barrier!


Fan Ye brave guise, the whole body golden flames burning, Black Flurry, deep eyes, engine Heavenly Sword continue to whirl and down.

This piece of heaven and earth has been completely cut burst, continuous collapse, he Lianhui Forty-nine sword, full piduan the forty-nine peaks.

The black sword every fall, such as a black magic Yue repression and the next Huiyi man hit again and again vomited blood.

Him a magic weapon to fight became Jifen, then frittering his arms, a Xue Wu, then later, his body began to crack.

When the forty-ninth sword fall, he was the Fan Ye the hands of baizhang long the big black sword living pressure into the blood mud, completely killed.

The Eucharist is too fierce, ancient killer God toward anti-kill!

This, overbearing!

All dumbfounded, the ancient killer God toward almost not missed, anti-kill is rare, but happened in front of the scene.

Everyone gripped the end of the Eucharist, too overbearing, strong exquisite cut off this earth.

In the moment of the stupidly of all, the amazing scene, the seven gods rainbow appeared out of nowhere, directed at the center of Fan Ye!

Coldness illuminate the earth, peerless Murder collapse now!

The seven experts issued a shaking murderous million trees in the mountains chipping, beasts, endless residual Ye Piaoling <a href=></a>

Added (16.05.13, 10.00 AM)
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</h1>Mouth overflow but a wisp of blood, his flesh Qijiang large? But still a hit!

The two elderly Jiejie laugh, disheveled and kill over.

Yin and yang, one, invincible, two junior you all go to hell! Two old arm together, gloomy shouted, re-launched the yin and yang <h2><a href=>tory burch holly sandals</a>
</h2> diagram.

This time, the yin and yang figure than just several times, Pombo two decisive backwards, these two <strong><a href=>tory burch outlet</a>
</strong> old things too terrible.

Fan Ye began operation are secret word, in the process, both of whom continue to escape.

Two elderly people pushed Road map, intended to kill a total of concentrated kill in the void, the third launch of yin and yang diagram a lot, Yam and to Yang blend Cuikulaxiu the.

Have to say, Zhongzhou old saying one yin and yang, invincible has some truth, two old arm together, should not be the twice the combat power, enough to have five times!

Yin and yang Avenue, into the great yin and yang diagram seems altar round, rolling over the void, nothing can stop even Pombo are injured in the first strike.

Fan Ye, but the Eucharist, and certainly want to vomit blood injury, unity of yin and yang, Avenue presents stunning combat power, the same order invincible!


Finally, Fan Ye trigger were word secretary, soaring tenfold war force, the golden blood gas Chongxiao, eclipsed heaven and earth, He waved Holy Spirit jianpi broken sky, such as cross-section of the world into two halves.


Yin and yang diagram was broken, two old big mouth spurting, yin and yang, one war to increase, a large portion, but not all word secret comparable.

These two elderly inverted out, Pombo quickly demon emperor nine cut resorted to split their big mouth spit blood again.

Four hundred <strong><a href=>tory burch outlet online</a>
</strong> and fiftieth chapters cultivate the Great


Two elderly disheveled, flash did not appear in from afar, avoid the the demon emperor nine cut the rest of the two cut, they are covered in blood, alarmed at the two.

Are the words secret and the demon emperor nine cut are shock the splendid divine spells, so that the hearts of these two elderly terribly shocked, give birth to Ju Yi, the their realm than the Fan Ye Pombo high number, but still chop hurt have thriller.

This is not supposed to happen! King of the younger generation, if want to retrograde Laval cents, exhibited the vision before.

Yin and yang one invincible, the old woman said to himself, suddenly thought of something like, Huo opening their eyes, quaver said: Mo case of nine secret!

Is it the kind of occult, bad old man arms knees, amazing combat power, the eyes, such as gold lamp lit up.

Endless years ago, their ancestors achievements the ancient sages bit, yin and yang together one, the the Zhongzhou invincible and do not want to flee the East shortage, but was defeated, because encountered heritage nine secret sages.

Bad old man, old woman with the Malaysian monkey directed at Ye Fan awe-inspiring sneered: We know what St. surgery, but you can not continuously exhibited need to constantly trigger, our unity of yin and yang, and slowly kill you!

And you, they look Pombo, said: Mastering Yaozu supreme holy surgery must shock the splendid demon emperor nine cut!

Two old <a href=>tory burch outlet store</a>

Added (16.05.13, 10.01 AM)
<h1><a href=>tory burch outlet online</a>
</h1>Emperor sub powerful


Lee asked the day with Wang Xu all exploded, and not enough time issued a scream, Xingshenjumie killed clean.

Gold Princess decisive and sharp shot by Xue Wu, killing over crystal bottle is held in the hands, gushing Huang Jin Xianguang lethal stunning.

Fan Ye get <h2><a href=>tory burch outlet store</a>
</h2> it all from the layer of small lumps, he knows each other regardless of life and death and Wang Xu, did not think Lee asked the day gave kill, only to hit him

This woman cruel

Lee asked the day but extraterritorial saint's favorite disciples, saying kill gave killed, wounded only to let him look for an opportunity to kill

Fan Ye held his fists engaged, starting from the finger, golden light flaming, quickly spread to the arms, gold color, blood gas boiling.

Really Eucharist, golden fist refers to blood gas

Someone exclaimed, but quickly shut up, a look of surprise, could not help trembling.

, A surge of gold light as the sea is generally spread to the four winds, like there is a a golden taboo God of the sea in the ups and downs, raging sky

Yellow 閲戜粰鍏?

In fact, people have realized, Fan Ye's fist with arms shine this light into gold, may have suffered a mishap.

Gold princess life undefeated disdain Swire, the arrogance of the world, known as the royal family's day women

Over a decade ago, she recovered, but has not been born just her father that when he traveled evidence road, into <strong><a href=>tory burch tote sale</a>
</strong> the a ten must Wong array, left her, in recent years, she was out.

This alone is enough to prove her repair for the the Huang Jinhuang that is no longer the same age under

Gold ancient imperial pinned to her great hope, regard her as the continuation of his life, wanted her own behalf to enter cents domain.

Apart from the ten must Wong array, he Lian Ji a sermon Figure, several ancient imperial legend experienced the most dangerous ordeal, which concentrated all left his daughter Chuang.

Over the years, gold princess has been in the battle of life and death in Chuang <strong><a href=>tory burch flip flops</a>
</strong> several ancient imperial young man, a witness Digital ancient imperial supreme cents Road

The birth, although she was not focused on the Fan Ye, but it is also something that no repression of his intention, gold is fighting over the Buddha's defeat, the ancient imperial female hearts hold the breath.

Since the fighting over the Buddha, the conquest of the same order, he would not intervene even if she killed St. Prince Fan Ye, no one can say anything.

Gold light does terror, Fan Ye's outstretched arms almost solidified in order to cold gold is about to collapse broken.


In this life and death a moment, he heard Duan the gold blood gas in the body full recovery from the whole body out of every pore, lit up the whole piece of Sky.


His arm instantly returned to normal, the pair of fist is still golden, but it is full of vigor and punch bottle of Crystal cents, punch <a href=></a>

Added (16.05.13, 10.02 AM)
<h1><a href=></a>

Few people are white like him, this time can be strong Yin Tiande is a variety of factors together dictates, would like to win another half a page, it is a little hope no.

You know, the emergence cents cliff but was the king Darius the king, young cattle in World War II, casually jumped out to a enough to kill them.

Although there is no intention of shot, but they are still silent return, of course, distant enough to have a hundred miles away, did not dare close to.

The war still continue, but half a page Huang the blood red Jin Jingwen I do not know fall into the hands of the person disappeared.

Eighteen ancient ship Qi Zhen, Guanghua flaming one, at this moment, to become a strong and immortal God boat hanging over the top of the head of the person of the king.

It is the ancient killing array is also a holy soldiers, slips out of a Road ripples play, both in the power of God array, <strong><a href=></a>
</strong> also exercise the responsibility of the weapons.

Wang is <h2><a href=></a>
</h2> very old, but there are daring trend, large-scale cooperation, head into a silver shirt fluttering sound.

Fist smacked him, has a star field flashes Hong Ta, as <strong><a href=></a>
</strong> if every time an ancient universe, divinity guise.

This is terrible king!

, Wu Wang flesh heyday, handheld the black winged golden boring, coercion world, a golden recklessly Pisan, not overwhelmingly brave!

Moment he attacks people, while attack I mount a very intense war.

The Hun Yuan stretch vigorously cattle Wangkung! Blue bull roared like having the power of the creation of the world, a seat Swire magic Yue emerge around the clouds rolling magic gas monstrous, his divine guise!

Even distant Fan Ye are surprised, never seen such a mighty person, do not say its Taoism, but far better than the other in terms of strength, Dacheng king, can simply hand broken days.

His mountain-high, the cattle first person, each cow (gross) thick, such as a bucket to fall down when he collapsed void, people can not believe he absorbed in the end what kind of power?

Cow power is terrible, do not say the Road Law, but said the force, fast and saints par? Li Tian speechless.

When the first great king of the World! Yan overnight Road.

Fan Ye Fazheng, I horse, cow devil is so terrible, that I reached in the end what realm, and now went to where?

Kuji universe is eternal cold and darkness, life ancient star rare, but it implies too many secrets, people explore endless.


Eventually, Wang overhead Old Ship were drawn under thousands of Strand Road marks, Wu WANG Yi wheeled ancient god boring blue bull running the Hun Yuan stretch strong cattle Wang Gong with the body of St. soldiers issued three collision with each other attack, the world collapse.

In a glaring light, what did not see until after a long time in the past where the darkened into a huge black hole void, the three king disappear.

People, half a page of the gods of ancient scripture? Li days staring at him.

Broken eternal, the three men was horrible, actually played such <a href=></a>

Added (16.05.13, 10.02 AM)
<h1><a href=></a>
</h1>What can compare? Wu Ziming also quipped: I had to look forward to your dish phase, until finally the moment to see your face green.

All crazy, all in loud shouting and argue about the source of God is amazing.

Li Blackwater blankly daze, did not lose his temper, the source of God was born, he gave intimidated.

At the moment, only Fan Ye fairly calm, said: In this world, the source of God is not the most precious thing, Jane Stone has more sacred thing.

Heard him say, An wonderful according to big summer princes, Jiang Yifei, little nun, who all look to elders figures also turned around.

More people shaking his head, people who sympathize with was often plague Lok disaster, such a God <strong><a href=></a>
</strong> source is cut out, you want to comeback potential prohibitively difficult.

Wu Ziming presumptuous laughed: What do you cut out a sacred thing to me to see!

Well, I'll give it a try today, might really be able to cut out something more precious. Fan Ye calm.

His words, rock garden suddenly quieted down, all eyes are on him.

The safety wonderful rotation by Meimou very surprised.

White nun is blinking eye, mouth, very round, a very cute, staring at him in shock.

Even Kinch Xiao Wan beginning of the Son, demon month empty such aspirations firm figures are exposed to amazing inexplicable look.

Haha, the sight of coffins were moved to tears, to the point where, would like to have a miracle <h2><a href=></a>
</h2> happened, I think you are bragging! Li Zhong Tian laugh.

I'm able to cut out something more precious? Someone whispered, almost everyone is not how I believe.

God is too precious source, the presence of people think that it is almost impossible miracle.

At this moment, the birth of divine origin, the message like a long wings generally pass out, stir the City of God, more characters came here.

Fan Ye is very calm, seriously beat a sky-high rocks, to this position, he is still no waves.

Small leaves, you can be sure to cut out a stunning dilute Jane to, or we're dead! Lee Blackwater secretly acoustic.

We are waiting for you to see how you met the coffin tears! Wu Ziming teasing laugh.

Fan Ye heard this, he stood up and said: So, if you joined a how to gamble with me? He then down the Quartet, said: Of course, if there are people willing, may also wish to get involved.

I believed in evil, up to now, you can comeback!

Three hundred and forty seventh chapter of the pit of God

I believed in evil, up to now, you can comeback! Wu Ziming his face wearing a sarcastic sneer.

Do not say that he is that other people do not believe there will be a miracle happened.

What is the source of God, the <strong><a href=></a>
</strong> most precious is the source, the origin of the world's most refined gasification, Saints have to yearn for.

City of God for many years have not been cut out, such a foot it was the first large, priceless, who can comeback in this situation? What is more precious than it is almost impossible.

Today, I Zaguomaitie to you on gambling <a href=></a>

Added (16.05.13, 10.04 AM)
<h1><a href=>tory burch thora sandals</a>
</h1>A few people, the little girl on weekdays will not fly, at the moment not only suspended the sky, piercing away, it is amazing.

Really like Feixianguan Jade Pool stared spellbound.

At this point, the little girl fairy light enveloped the the day soaring Xia lift away, actually <strong><a href=>tory burch sandals</a>
</strong> open up a channel, and seems to enter a world of mystery.


Suddenly, a ray of Zodiac cents Wei falls, such as the Kokonoe day pressure drop down, everyone stuck mind aghast.


Little girl screaming, falling down, can not fly again, the face of lofty altitude, eyes full of fear.

Fan Ye covered with gold surging blood gas, gas Ding reluctantly resorted to the mother of all things, Cecil strands, on ten thousand female gas were drawn to protect the <strong><a href=>tory burch outlet shoes</a>
</strong> back of him.


Like he was saddled on millions of mountain, Guards line, hard into the air, the little girl will fall down catch, which has come back.

On such a short distance, however, he felt an unparalleled terrible pressure, if not his tyranny of the flesh, the mother of all things gas were drawn almost impossible to overfly.

Emperor West tower!

The Wuzhong days, the Jianghuai Ren, Liu Kou everyone scared, this must be based on fairy tears green gold cast Zodiac holy soldiers Emperor - West Tower, also known as fairy tears tower!

This is a ray of extremely Road, Sin Wei, suppression of all, no one can contend with the Lord-level characters will also be in opposition front. Ancient Great, but a total of a few people., Zodiac holy soldiers naturally only a few items, the Jade Pool will have a West Wong cast cents tears green gold, reputed eternal!

Out of the Great Supreme Holy <h2><a href=>tory burch outlet sale</a>
</h2> Land, in a sense, than it did the other ancient heritage emboldened enough, leaving the holy soldiers sufficient to suppress all!

To enter the Holy Land, will be extremely Road St. soldiers shrouded, even though we the peerless master do not dare, simply can not break.

Weekdays, not pushed cents long tears Tower, Chen here, naturally formed a supreme Avenue, the entire piece of heaven and earth repression, impregnable.

Small girl is extremely Granville Road, St. soldiers pressure to block back, can not break away void, not Jiangchuang.

This child,

Fan Ye, who is shocked at the West Wong tower terror, several of the Jade Pool too much on the elders were fixed on a small girl, a close look at the hook.

The girl is not on purpose, the stone bite me, small guy feel uneasy, whispered that he had made a big mistake.

Jiuqiao Stone Wang did not hurt at all, which makes the Jade Pool breathed a sigh of relief, hearts surprised at the small girl's identity and origins, it is clear she is not unusual for children.

The monkeys eyes that stared at the little guy looked quite a while, did not see through, muttered one, said: strange gods?

Ye Fan them out of Xianchi, took a deep breath, but fortunately, the Jade Pool peace of mind, did not care about anything.

Jade Pool sooner or later the disaster, most of the piece of stone king will make the land of rivers of blood, once came into the world, will be comparable to the ancient presence of the Great, who with proposition? Large black dog dignified.

Anyway, is not what we, after five thousand years, our bones are rotten. Ginger <a href=>tory burch marion</a>

Added (16.05.13, 10.05 AM)
<h1><a href=>tory burch outlet online</a>
</h1>Waters less is evaporated, exposing the seabed under the towering, black washed up on the sky, and covered the Fan Ye.

Frozen forever!

Blanket of darkness of the sky into the sea again, all of a sudden freeze, become a giant black ice, and if a black continent, occupying the sky.

Fan Ye blocked them, endless lunar San force raging, did not see a trace.

Rear, people from the layer of goose bumps, black banner of the show, which is really earth-shattering, and vague are lunar St, force, destroyed and All Souls.


Suddenly, the sky black frozen continent collapse broken, the endless flaming glory of injection, sun St. raging, the Fan Ye collapse open the seal, and rushed out.

The same time, his eyebrows have little Wu Guang, the sky lunar St. invocation <h2><a href=>tory burch outlet store</a>
</h2> of the past, and refining for himself.

You learned the Ancient of my family! Lunar Son of God surprised vibration banner.

The deafening sound came, sky Blackwater falling, re-return to the sea, the land that dry bottomless potholes filled.

Ancient bell lunar Son of God mouth spit black, I do not know how to create material to absorb all light, long tolls, full of ominous.

Depression, death, cold, Senhan, dry off and other negative emotions burst out, this is a not a good impression to give birth to the magic bell.

The death knell of the King!

This is the former invincible king refining weapons, running all kinds of weird negative forces that influence human mind.

Nine legendary Ming bamboo, harsh as black gold cast, how tall it is not accompanied by its front wall as his guard in the back.

People thriller, <strong><a href=>tory burch tote sale</a>
</strong> even this kind of thing can really train?,,

According to legend, it was born in the deep soil, the need to nourish to the lunar St. force, can only continue to grow, evolution monks dream big kill, today all of a sudden emerged nine.

Most terrible, a black jade skull flying out, shake everyone crystal skull, Wu Guang flashing.

Inscribed with the number of channel pattern, densely intertwined to form a complex of veins, seven-hole orifices gushing most lunar origin holy power, as if the world refining.

Ancient saint skull!

Everyone was shocked and could not believe my eyes, there really is priceless, hundreds of millions of gold is hard to find the holy things.

Gone, that is the lunar ancient Queen, was to take over the Foundation itself chop is offering to Make the like.

Yes, indeed there is such a legend, he died, but anger resentment Needless to impossible to Make <strong><a href=>tory burch flip flops</a>
</strong> holy soldiers

People think that long ago events, everyone vibration, but the origins of weapons.

Under normal circumstances, the skull of the saint absolutely be offering refining holy soldiers, but this is an exception, grievances too heavy, failed to molding.

However, it is also scary enough, only one step from Bing of order to the holy soldiers, far from other weapons unbeatable <a href=></a>

ArtenuetiesteDate: Thursday, 16.05.13, 8.30 PM | Message # 6021
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<h1><a href=>Authentic Tory Burch</a> </h1>Changed into Vanguard, Wu Nai want to save Fang fire. Obviously, this approach is very effective, until now the soul of the division Tower do not know Vanguard <strong><a href=></a> </strong> is Fang.

Xiao Qi Ye immediately retorted by saying this, immediately hand over again four weeks, said: Gentlemen, I Xiao seven today will urge Yan Huang Chung Assembly held to discuss the new sovereign issue.

Well, the Seventh Lord I support. Xiao Qi Ye this sentence as soon as export outside into the dozen, had spacious Chamber, actually overcrowded.

Ah Feng with a grin on his face, waiting to see this play today.

Of our the Song Jiang hole Chen four families, while Xiao Qi Ye proposed that the Yanhuang cases now just around the corner, we must elect a new sovereign. Square sovereign Well, the ordinary Women, I think the best at home mothers.

Chiang Chen, Song holes, this is where to come out four families?

Have to say, the Yan Huang Zong really useful background, this the Song Jiang hole Chen four families actually is a large pool of talent.

The soul fighter more than seven order, there will be as many as six or seven people.

So many master sits No wonder Mr. Fang Ning month left <strong><a href=></a> </strong> Yanhuang cases, they wanted to come to think that these master seat town, coupled with the Yan and Huang were exquisite matrix method, the Yanhuang were always able to resist a while, right?

Volume 9, 2398: beating (2)

Mention the fact that the Dragon and the soul of <h2><a href=>tory burch outlet</a> </h2> the division tower are cloned without surgery, it is not possible to take into account the Yanhuang were built cases.

However, Fang Ning did not expect them to stay in the Yanhuang were not help, but a time bomb?

Yes, my the Song Jiang hole Chen four families to support <a href=>tory burch miller</a> .

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<h1><a href=>authentic tory burch</a> </h1>With long irrepressible heart throbbing.

Well, full speed ahead, the younger ones! Exelon a kind of mold big howl, he is motivated full ah.

Wow, that ship are all made of gold ah!

Hey hey hey, some of my hands itch

Hey, Freeze, do not you forget

Close to the port to meet the Ice The first is a group of people with a variety of envy, greedy eyes, and they almost always all pirates, shampoo, Zemlya is indeed enter the last bulwark of the New World, gathered here most of them are criminals.

Cut, their eyes <strong><a href=></a> </strong> is really very uncomfortable! Let the greed of others looking at creating their own gold Noah's number, Aini Road generous to that extent, but for Exelon asked myself not easily stir up trouble, he would have those Villains to power into coke.

Do not ignore <strong><a href=></a> </strong> them, but a group of small role, if they are daring to fight and distorted ideas, hands no later than that time. To be honest, being like a treasure watching, Exelon actually quite proud of this <h2><a href=>tory burch official site</a> </h2> But his ship! Pirates influence, not only reflected in the personnel, the facade is also very important.

I first went to the boat docked at the side, Ice turned to the crowd and said, The next three hours, we freely, anyway, I also have something personal ah, three hours later, to the board by looking for to give the ship coating the coating Carpenter. Lingling you Ace look to have been following them from several mermaid girl, and my heart is a little look a gift horse.

Do you intend to fish and we went to the Isle of Man, also <a href=>tory burch holly sandal</a> .

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<h1><a href=>tory burch tote sale</a> </h1>True-brainer!

聽 The common phenomenon Bing is impossible for others to fight, let them scurry like Beijing reinforcements as a herring! Why do they want to come Nishikawa, Li Youren hate me, but it is caused by because selenocentric Andy Belle, he wants revenge, it is best to kill me first, and then snatch on the heart princess, so revenge was reported in <strong><a href=></a> </strong> perfect!

聽 He said: The brother of the meat pleasure-seeking, he will not think I'm also?

聽 Captains and some nodded, some shaking his head.

聽 Autumn leaves with your fingers tapping the knee, said: Well, I clearly better! If army's pioneer that Li Youren in front, ah, are looting beautiful gold and silver, and nothing around heavily protected, what would you?

聽 This time the generals actually together nodded his head, said: then what kind, of course, to mention soldiers illness in time, caught up with him, playing a <strong><a href=></a> </strong> beautiful encounter, <h2><a href=>tory burch tote</a> </h2> captured meat brother, he made his big credit!

Two hundred and eighty eighth chapter of the civil and military substandard

聽 Autumn leaves laughed and said: Yes, the way it is! We want wipe out Sikong army, we must first make them feel cheap can be accounted for, these soldiers dragging fatigue, into our encirclement!

聽 Generals were suddenly understand, this method is far too dangerous, although in order to defeat the Secretary of the Air Force morale, you had better autumn leaves scraped personally, but do not value! Have advised: Han generals afraid you trouble, repeatedly asked us to protect Marshal to do so it is more worrying!

聽 Autumn leaves shook his head: Air Force Secretary were three hundred thousand, which, if we join forces and Nishikawa backup forces, you think we will cause much <a href=>tory burch tote</a> .

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<h1><a href=>ory burch usa</a> </h1>Snow Magazine Fuchu, place them in. It is Changtao they are ready to practice in the yard.

聽 The the sovereign and Dongjiakou sisters four looked to see that three slick tree when the three eyes looked a little less, sovereign, said: there is magic This is clearly a mansion Well, long Tao three tree, why Reiki is <strong><a href=></a> </strong> so abundant.

聽 Long Wave gave three introduced three tree, and then with three people came to the yard, pointing to the red door red door is the time to accelerate to 50 times poly-Ling array, the next two do not enter the gates, there are flames, is used by the refining, if unauthorized access is very dangerous.

聽 Zhang Zhen said: Changtao you back to your room, the four <h2><a href=>tory burch crossbody bag</a> </h2> of us here practicing until 10 you told us about.

聽 Long Tao said: Well, master, uncles you have a good practice to, I do not bother, two junior sister apprentice refueling it.

聽 The sisters of Dongjiakou also said: We know, brothers refueling.

聽 Long Wave looked at four <strong><a href=></a> </strong> of them into the red door and turned to leave, when Uncle came up and asked, what little master.

聽 Long Tao said: Nothing, Uncle to snub you, 10 I take you out to see the outside world.

聽 Uncle said: Well, since I was old masters created snow immortals rarely see them.

聽 10 you can see, Uncle I'm going to practice ah, you entered the room, so long Tao went into his room, I thought this time I've put poly spirit of and long Tao said: off period law formula <a href=>tory burch usa</a> .

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<h1><a href=>tory burch sandals</a> </h1>Sister, but can not attack, can not even use the power of the body.

Solely with the human body to count, she is just a mere order, dragons have a second soul fighter.

The gap between the first-order is really too much, Le Ah Feng several times breathless, face more red, more swollen, gradually, fair complexion face red purple.

Dragons each with a force, Ah Feng pain somewhat.

Especially dragons Although there is no courage, but they used to, Ah Feng also can not use the courage to resist.

The dragons are unwilling to reveal their identity they reveal, the Ah Feng But this is not willing to expose their identity? From this little touches one to two girls.

Two sisters meet touching scene, even the the Tegel fine lines, feel sore eyes.

But, the presence of these have not yet thought of the meeting in which the two sisters behind, who can not see Running out.

Ah Feng apparently suffered a major loss, hold back the more red face.

Volume 8, 1285: Ask

But dragons we can not really her how her <strong><a href=></a> </strong> Le more than a minute, this let go.

Relieved Ah Feng, <h2><a href=>tory burch flip flops</a> </h2> quickly the mouth gulps <strong><a href=></a> </strong> of breath.

After more than a minute adjustment, knife Xiao finally attitude adjustment over.

Just look at the performances of the dragons and two people Ah Feng, Xiao knife also felt a little strange.

This girl is clearly Ah Feng, how dragons long-lost sister?

Long? Phoenix?

Well, it appears from the name, is indeed likely to be sisters.

However, the feeling will always be somewhat <a href=>tory burch outlet store</a> .

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<h1><a href=>tory burch tote sale</a> </h1>Sure enough, Xing-Yao Zhang soon gave up resistance, began to seriously enjoy. To try! <h2><a href=>ory burch usa</a> </h2> See my brother gave up resistance, the small forbearance let Xiaoqian bench up continue throughput up for Xiaoqian-year-old body, Zhangkaixiaozui tough front end of the Xing-Yao Zhang swallow it down, and then slowly latch onto small cheek immediately drum up then started to learn a little tolerance just like slowly throughput up small tolerance in the side of the guidance, such as this when you do not idle should be gentle touch of the following two Egg there is to pay attention not to touch the teeth, as my brother would not be comfortable.

聽 Under small tolerance tuning, Xiaoqian still have some strange, but <strong><a href=></a> </strong> have been able to complete the well. Xiaoqian can be more than just oh. Peaked in Xing-Yao Zhang, Xiao Qian stopped down. Then slowly, the only remaining body underwear off and a small tolerance. Two handsome figure at a glance. Especially small and forbearance, belly bulge, unique style with a surge of pregnant women.

聽 Xiaoqian still too young to produce too much lubrication liquid, so to find a good red little face sitting i type tube yo face, Xing-Yao Zhang gently sweets in their own little problem. The small tolerance continue to lie on the mouth hands and even chest battle to stimulate and sustain <strong><a href=></a> </strong> Xing-Yao Zhang y霉 (fire).

聽 Ah, Well, ah brother. Xiao Qian is the first time licking how not excited about it. The kind of touch, never experienced Xiaoqian inside slowly out of the crystal liquid, many Xing-Yao Zhang inhaled mouth.

聽 Ready, Xiao Qian and tolerance in a small <a href=></a> .

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<h1><a href=>tory burch miller sandals</a> </h1>This really is for her too cruel!

聽 You laugh out! This really is days going to fall down! Think fast there <strong><a href=></a> </strong> any way! Xing-Yao Zhang Lucifer do not know what method to stabilize the God of creation, so he did not the first time the destruction of out of this world. But the crisis is absolutely impossible so resolved.

聽 I have an idea! However, this approach is both simple and difficult ah, really difficult! You can help me a ah! Xing-Yao Zhang said with a smile.

聽 How can I help you? Help to busy, I'll try! But <strong><a href=></a> </strong> x矛ng life and death event, Lucifer and how do not work hard?

聽, Zhang Xingyao volts in Lucifer's ear, said his plan to listen to Lucifer.

聽? Really? Lucifer can not believe.

聽 You do not witness a Advanced? Say all this time, you have any good way to do this, Or you think we will be able to play on the God of creation? Zhang Xingyao words words The word hit the chest of Lucifer.

聽 I was wrong, I will try to contribute to the although there are some can <h2><a href=>tory burch ballet flats</a> </h2> not be reconciled, but now x矛ng life should not can not Guannameduo. Lucifer had to agree Xing-Yao Zhang plans.

聽 How is it? Universe into chaos, but they ninth order order, the difference is not great. Queen Mother of the West and Satan in the distance has been watching all of this, see Zhang Xingyao holding Lucifer fly back, just quickly asked. God of creation has just clearly said to destroy the entire Yu <a href=>tory burch thora sandals</a> .

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<h1><a href=></a> </h1>Will not you please come in, if you like this stubborn, will be more than a sin, I would advise you, with some of the initiative made clear their own problems, for leniency.

聽 Cao Zengguang the face of the discipline inspection cadres interrogation, his face and no hint of fear, frankly asked: Xiao-hu! Let me explain, I do not how to explain things? An Office bank card with my name and be able to demonstrate what? was not I find someone using your name to do on one, and then entered, save some money, it means you accept bribes?

聽 Pop! Another middle-aged man see the Cao <strong><a href=></a> </strong> Zengguang look fearless expression and angrily slapped the <strong><a href=></a> </strong> desk, Nu Sheng of Cao Zengguang said: the Cao Zengguang I tell you, people like you, I see more, do <h2><a href=>tory burch thora sandals</a> </h2> not think you do not do that we took you no way, I tell you, your secretary two days ago because of intentional assault was arrested, but he had been expelled from the county government to the public, I heard that he has committed in the city What cases, early this morning when taken away by the City Police Department, according to what we have just received the news, in order to reduce their crimes, has decided to want to organize to expose you.

聽 The Cao Zengguang hear that discipline cadres said, eyes flashed one can not be aware of the eyes, and think to yourself: Amy is rescued, this time I finally bet on it!

聽 Is Ding Kezhang! Can I think you I Yougong Unfortunately, Unfortunately, I simply there is nothing good to explain, really alone, you have just these words, I'm afraid I really will take the initiative to explain, you're not just say, you have mastered sufficient evidence, since you <a href=>tory burch marion tote</a> .
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<h1><a href=>tory burch outlet</a> </h1>Are you sure he is Li Yan? Ares Li Yan? Devil cases too, <h2><a href=>tory burch crossbody bag</a> </h2> the elders also asked, puzzled.

Li Yan, I viewed with supernatural powers. Said the elders of the Dragon too sure.

Really <strong><a href=></a> </strong> strange, it is entirely two people! Said the devil were puzzled.

Indeed, but I'm sure he is Li Yan, Ares Li Yan! Phoenix alien monks said very positive.

But he seems to be that the two monks talk and no interest in? Devil were monks asked dismissively.

Oh, this is just a beginning. The million Jianzong too elders laughed.

Do not arouse suspicion, or plan the consequences of failure would be very miserable. Beelzebub cases too elders cautioned.

Sure! Wan Jianzong too on the elders still laughing.

We do not know what the plan is, but they can only patiently watching, but Li Yan's actions so that they feel different. Li Yan seemed like a different person, before that killing other decisive gone! What is left is an ordinary monks, very weird, they seem to have suspected this is absolutely what is right or wrong!

Plan to the point where only continue, they have no escape route, and anyone can not guarantee <strong><a href=></a> </strong> Li Yan has been down so he can at any time once again becomes the rage decisive Ares!

Good! Zhang Lingxuan look around, then eyes locked in a restaurant.

Come on, go have a cup of tea. Li Yan said with a smile <a href=>tory burch outlet</a> .
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<h1><a href=>tory burch sandals</a> </h1>The body does not have too. Shaye body Zhang Xingyao more excited, falls Saya lips rained throughout the body.

聽 Side kissed Shaye body, Xing-Yao Zhang side caressing Sawyer that his legs and feet. Shaye long legs and slender feet is <h2><a href=>tory burch miller sandals</a> </h2> absolutely the best! The Zhang Xingyao like small forbearance the LORI form feet, Yingying a grip crystal clear. He can even the entire foot into his mouth to suck (allowed). Shaye legs and feet is the best interpretation of another skinny beauty. Curves and <strong><a href=></a> </strong> lines, feels tender feeling Xing-Yao Zhang can not extricate themselves.

聽 Although would like to continue playing, but Xing-Yao Zhang know he still has more important work to do. He gently put down Shaye legs, lying on Shaye. Looked Shaye flashing the ch奴n (feeling) the silver s猫 eyes Xing-Yao Zhang said: Saya, I will use my life was to prove you choose I am not mistaken!

聽 Well ~ ~! Sawyer moved to speak, only the warm too kiss. Slowly she let go a reserved Xing-Yao Zhang vise her tongue kissing.

聽 Woo! Hum ~: immersed in the kiss did not pay attention by Shaye, Xing-Yao Zhang quickly break through the layer of barrier Shaye from a girl into a real woman. Xing-Yao Zhang tongue because the tongue is also haunted, Shaye only issued a whining sound.

聽 Xing-Yao Zhang continued to twitch, and he knew just the beginning. Next, he will save Shaye brought to the pinnacle of happiness to go.

聽 (Harmony wind over here is abridged and unabridged Come groups want to see. 252,331,288

Chapter 43 Departure Orcs Prairie

聽 The next <strong><a href=></a> </strong> day <a href=></a> .

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<h1><a href=>tory burch usa</a> </h1>Words?

聽 Middle-aged women <h2><a href=>tory burch satchel sale</a> </h2> hear the words of Jianghan Yan, look to the body of Linmu Yao smiled and of Jianghan Yan asked: Swallow! Zhang girl Linmu Yao? Did not expect a few years gone, that had like behind you The little girl has become the great beauty.

聽 Because of Chun-Chieh Wu, now Linmu Yao see outsiders, unlike in the past as cold, when she heard the Jianghan Yan Ergu praise, his face immediately reveal a faint smile, politely waiting said: Tsui Lai aunt! so many years did not see you, you with in the past have not changed, if not I know Yan Jie Ergu, I am afraid you are Yan Jie's sister.

聽 The Ergu! Whom I introduce to you, he is the the Yaoyao boyfriend, Chun-Chieh Wu is also a good friend of mine. Jianghan Yan introduced here, softly, and Chun-Chieh Wu, said: Junjie <strong><a href=></a> </strong> this is my Ergu Jiangcui Li!

聽 Chun-Chieh Wu hear the presentation of the Jianghan Yan, very politely immediately designate said: Jiang aunt! Hello! Door for the first time, do not know what you like, give you with a set of cosmetics, hope you enjoy.

聽 Jiangcui Li in last night from her husband that things of Jianghan Yan with the Chun-Chieh Wu, so when she saw Chun-Chieh Wu has just walked into the hall, has been in the dark watching <strong><a href=></a> </strong> Chun-Chieh Wu, Chun-Chieh Wu's performance is undoubtedly made her feel very satisfaction identity is prominent, but those proud of the family of children who did not, unfortunately swallows could not earlier met him, or swallow marriage is not so bad.

聽 Xiao Wu! Swallow friends <a href=>tory burch outlet</a> .

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<h1><a href=>tory burch holly sandals</a> </h1>Hill change his spots! At this point I'm sure this person is Li Yan can not be wrong! Beelzebub cases too elders said the ugly face.

I'm sure! Two alien <strong><a href=></a> </strong> monks identified, said.

Oh! Only million Jianzong too on the elders did not say anything, but sighed.

Your people? The devil were too elders asked, puzzled, he did not see action million Jianzong next, some asked anxiously, he was afraid to go Li Yan.

Immediately went to. The elders said dismissively million Jianzong too.

000 Gladius too elders unexpected things

Hey, good fragrant tea, I want that tea! Immediately sounded a charming voice.

Good servant, a few pots of tea and table! Said a handsome young man.

Of Sorry objective, the kind of tea has been sold out. The servant said very depressed.

Well, I want to, I will. Flirtatious voice sounded again.

What? Do you not know who I am? Afraid I pay $ can not afford Stone is not! Ugly face <h2><a href=>tory burch outlet</a> </h2> handsome young man said.

Really is not already sold out! The servant said depressed.

I do not care what ways did, anyway, today I have to drink, or hum, you know the consequences! Handsome young man said fiercely, then look slightly Li Yan that table, then immediately Zhang Lingxuan et al beauty shocked.

That's what you people? [-99down] the devil were too elders asked, puzzled.

The two alien monks also with <strong><a href=></a> </strong> doubt <a href=>tory burch outlet</a> .
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<h1><a href=>tory burch crossbody</a> </h1>Storm, countless Jianguang almost unceasing attack to these nine bands powerful have to go, although they have the field, but equally miserable face to hide and not immune escape can not escape, they can only choose to be patient.

In addition to the field, they almost do not have any supernatural powers can resist this overwhelming Jianguang that Jianguang is too strong, but soon they appears to be found where the problem is, these Jianguang seemingly minimal damage to the field Of course, they speculated that it was related to a wide range of attacks, if Jianguang falls on a person's body, that the end is definitely a sad reminder of the!

Li <h2><a href=></a> </h2> Yan strong ability to comprehend Moreover, in front of so many powerful monks for his live demonstration of a strong field, so he began to ponder the matter up, an hour later, the power of God of War guardian finally exhausted, the huge Jianguang collapsing disappeared, revealing a strong presence of <strong><a href=></a> </strong> those inside it.

Li Yan This great harvest, the formation of his field, absolutely immeasurable benefits!

Comfortable with it? Li Yan Hey a laugh.

You in the end want to do! An alien monks angry questioning.

Nothing, just want to see your field in the end what kind <strong><a href=></a> </strong> of reading, hey, barely considered satisfied my curiosity! Li Yan did not hide any, laughing.

You, you shameless, even steal the division! An alien monks angry roar.

No no no, called draw, drawing do not you understand, is to learn! Li Yan laughed. 銆朤XT novel download:銆?<a href=>ory burch usa</a> .
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<h1><a href=>tory burch crossbody</a> </h1>Temple and restored the usual calm, but inside Xing-Yao Zhang marriage room is not the whole room was decorated very beautiful, but the biggest bright <strong><a href=></a> </strong> spot <h2><a href=>tory burch official site</a> </h2> is that a large marriage bed, can definitely sleep above ten individuals can also stand up roll tonight which will be not only the wedding, Xing-Yao Zhang Xing-Yao Zhang battlefield! always eat but not eat his wife AI Lusha first night!

聽 Allure Lufthansa has armor for down, wearing a simple burgundy s猫 of evening dress, but being Xing-Yao Zhang kissing and touching her dress should not be maintained quickly. Several girls tacit without the personnel AI Lusha the first to bear the whips of the Xing-Yao Zhang.

聽 Allure Shakespeare and Xing-Yao Zhang has been kissing for a long time, very emotional. Xing-Yao Zhang wants to take off her dress, she only symbolic x矛ng the twist your body, but rather to help Zhang Xingyao clothes more convenient to lift.

聽 Xing-Yao Zhang did not the <strong><a href=></a> </strong> AI 鈥嬧€婰usha dress completely off, but it is off to the waist. Then pinned her to the bed. Ah! AI Lusha a little scared at the same time next to so many sisters onlookers she is very shy, so tightly closed his eyes, play the ostrich j墨ng eyes of God but not a net.

聽 AI Lusha is the first time in order to give her a better experience, Xing-Yao Zhang did not act anxious, but continued to tease her situation (y霉). A touch of scarlet containing leaned down to AI Lusha chest into the mouth. Before AI Lusha always wearing armor really do not see her chest so material, plus she often sports exercise a tight bomb x矛ng body, so that Zhang <a href=></a> .
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<h1><a href=>tory burch sandals</a> </h1>Teeth itch, and When she heard Chun-Chieh Wu said the so-called outsmart program, immediately feel bright spots, despite Chun-Chieh Wu with ZHANG Love through phone, clinging to the arm of Chun-Chieh Wu, excitedly Chun-Chieh Wu <strong><a href=></a> </strong> <h2><a href=></a> </h2> said. : Junjie you this trick is, this thing called to me to be responsible, will, I went back to the team related to the deployment of

聽 Not do this kind of thing into military than those SWAT experience, of course, your special police will not be idle, when the time to take advantage of the military into into into the East Japan Pharmaceutical Factory, you will be and the police to arrest an excuse to immediately enter the East Japan Pharmaceutical Factory, searched the basement of the house, Chun-Chieh Wu heard Linmu Yao, think about it immediately rejected the proposal of Linmu Yao

聽 Linmu Yao heard Chun-Chieh Wu refused, his face could not help for a change, I thought Chun-Chieh Wu distrust on the strength of the special police, is preparing to refute, Chun-Chieh Wu next answer let her obviously good enough for some, no longer stick to their ideas, points nodded and replied: Junjie I hear you

聽 Chun-Chieh Wu and Lin Muyao dialogue clearly spread to the side of the phone, Zhang Love to hear the arrangement of the Chun-Chieh Wu, also very much agree with the arrangements of Chun-Chieh Wu, Chun-Chieh Wu smiled and said: Xiao Wu, do you arrange it, the results came out after I notice the first time you into member and wanted to make things I would be implemented at once.

聽 End the call with Zhang Love, Chun-Chieh Wu confident smile on his face, he believed that a military intervention, will soon be able to find out the identity of East Japan Pharmaceutical Factory employees of EGL nationality, as long as the implementation of these into <strong><a href=></a> </strong> the background, as soon as can implement his plan, thoroughly <a href=>tory burch satchel</a> .
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