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HermesqkefyDate: Friday, 10.05.13, 3.18 AM | Message # 5986
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<h1> </h1>This is the saint means, you can cross the darkness of the universe!

Why are you here? Crazy old issue in a low voice, this is the first time he take the initiative to Fan Ye questioning.

Fan Ye heart of calm, a concept of God is played, the experience shows itself to the old madman for help, along with his swim across the star field.

Shortage ancient forbidden! The eyes of the old madman shot two appalling light, very bright, as if the two magic lamp, penetrated the vault of heaven.

A full half a quarter of an hour, he remained motionless, facing the Big Dipper, the hearts of intense emotional ups and downs, difficult to calm down.

Fan Ye know, where he has a sad past, all died out with the door, and now he is abandoned only a person, half crazy half epilepsy.

When the Fan Ye played that Bible read, showing that copper vessels warships met in the darkness of the universe, the crazy old looked suddenly startled, SG eyes flaming, said: Swire boat KING,

Fan Ye heart of awe-inspiring, he first felt sage supreme coercion, a strong fighting spirit soaring into the sky, to tear things around, and through burst into the universe.

He really have a misconception The <strong> </strong> crazy old seems to be a god alone reached the sky to kill those Swire KING.

These people die, Terran must have disaster recovery endless origin of life, millions of people dead in enough. Crazy old say such words, very cold and cold.

What? Fan Ye surprised, would like to ask what the crazy old Another example is in the past Furui no wave, say no more, such as length deadwood.

Eventually, his teeth, tells the other side from the Star, a place called Earth the crazy old <strong> </strong> can travel <h2> </h2> in the universe, so think about it if we can bring him home, light, he abundance of the heart.

Crazy old for a long time, not a word, after a long time and said: difficult, difficult, difficult, the coordinates of the universe, there is no way to where you say, at every turn to get lost in the tower sky until death.

Fan Ye Getting remark, as if poured cold water on the head, Ying Huo, or ancient Earth, has its own exact location, but how could he have known, certainly can not determine the so-called coordinates.

Suddenly, the old madman Mouguang Dasheng shot two glaring SG, suddenly penetrating into the sky, staring at the Big Dipper, and then the virtual body faded down.

You go, I have a turn of events happened! He muffled say such a word.

Fan Ye heart jump, crazy old what misfortune could his state is very okay, there will be what is going to happen.

The next moment, his dashing out from this piece of barren land, plunged into the crowd, far away.

The old madman Doushou the one stroke, do not know the number of array pattern appear out of thin air, these pieces, place instantly flooded layer of the vastness of the light curtain shrouded Chidi.

This is a complicated and esoteric extreme ancient array, step by step, Murder, this piece completely seal the area!

The Fan Ye vaguely recognized the Black King took out the corner of the beginning of the Great .

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<h1> </h1>Duel with the character of your grandfather's generation source surgery, and as for you, where they could go to go.

You, the young people got angry.

Arrogant, while I was waiting to see you planted fall from the cloud severely! Water behind Lee Wu Ziming teeth.

Li Zhong days, he must also victims, and down a few times, take into hundreds of kilograms of source, but also lost a lot of face.

I said wrong with it, we duel with his grandfather, a younger blending superior not qualified to be placed in front of us, want to go to school two decades high <strong> </strong> source surgery.

Good, good, good! Source surgery ancient family of several young people from all walk out of the gas, only disgrace to say anything.

Source surgery showdown has not yet begun already fiery shot, the absolute opposite of life and death.

Next to the old man, a group of onlookers all narrowed his eyes, must be Enter the Dragon, the two sides are so confident, tit for tat, is mostly cut out a stunning things.

These people, Shou dry super antique holy sites too elders, Yaozu the dominant party, all origins amazing.

The other side, the East shortage of the younger generation of the Son level figures, girl priests in the Holy Land, Kinch <h2> </h2> Xiao Yao Chi Joan, Xu Heng, demon months empty so concerned about.

The master-class source surgery duel a rare <strong> </strong> century, to mention there are one hundred and fifty kilograms of source stunning bet has been for thousands of years, never had such a gamble.

Source surgery ancient family of an old man kindly face, opening: Friends here we go.

Fan Ye, a cold heart, he felt a hint of danger, turned Li Blackwater said: You can follow me, but the distance is not too close.

Is this old goods really dare to kill under a large crowd is not? Lee Blackwater surprised.

You do not control, can be looked at in the next. Fan Ye told.

Blood and tears odoratum, pure white, sparkling breeze blowing, rustling Mussaenda, flip, such as blood and tears fall.

Of pieces of bamboo forest is very dense, blocking the sun, but here is a little dark, a sparkling.

Fan Ye forward, calmly face four old watch a few young people, there is no one, said: I do not know which seniors and I would like to learn the source surgery?

Come on by the old lady. The old man, he just could speak from the palace family, ten years ago, a few have been revered as the source surgery guru named South Gong Qi.

Fan Ye know his identity, very quiet opening, said: Palace predecessors, given how our rules?

If you win, then, in addition to the $ 1.5 million kilograms source bet Treasure of the other cut out. South Gong Qi smiled and said.

Well, going, Philip!

Fan Ye nodded.

I'm not finished, the old man shook his head.

Oh, seniors have anything to say? Fan Ye asked.

150 kg of source is not a small number, bet on a stone too hasty, it is difficult to reflect the source surgery duel wonderful, I think everyone can choose three stone, how?

Well, I agree!

Fan Ye nod .

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锘?<h1> </h1>Field.


Cents sound deafening, the ancient imperial soldiers <h2> </h2> in a cross-shot, Story duel, which is after the shortage ancient times, the last couple of years, the most earth-shattering war

Kun Zhou Dasheng is also brave, gray hair loose on scary Mouguang, the fairy light Wanlv body with the ancient imperial soldiers condensation order one, launched a God of war.

, Said, Kun Zhou Story style masterpiece with his Zushu and theory, and now see, is really the case, not a bad idea in a lifetime one defeat

Amazing vancomycin,, may be second Matisse missing

People surprised, Kun Zhou Dasheng universally difficult rival, over the years, the families of and respect for simply its Zushu the supreme style.

This war, comparable to the war fighting Shenghuang previous years and Matisse lack of a war are in the big Sacred match-ups

I'm not a firm and missing, you are not fighting wars Sheng Huang, the outcome of this war, and the Swire contention before the imperial war completely different Kun Zhou shouted.

Fighting over the Buddha did not say anything, in the hands of the black Sin iron Rui-xia gushing, the collapsed Sky, increasingly brave the, swept the front of the archenemy.


Suddenly, the other side of an equally horrible light group, toward the old monkey pressure, a lot of huge meteorite flying spot become ashes.

The third Story shot, is no longer on the sidelines, headed towards fighting over the Buddha



Fighting over the Buddha wheeled black iron of God, Ying Han Kun Zhou The Story of a hit, and then dashing out on Barry, standing in a virtual heaven, horizontal bar standing.

Bad, the second person to hold Zodiac imperial soldiers, are really the big Sacred big trouble appeared Black King discoloration Road.

Uncle the Sheng Huang subheading canthal splitting, he knew it would be a disaster, how his uncle proposition?

How could this be? Fan Ye Cumei the sweep of the original Lake, the blood Fenghuangshan, fire Lin hole a few ancient royal family, except for them outside, who can provide Timor-class weapons, perhaps the only remaining Story of a royal shot.

Days outside the battlefield, fighting over the Buddha silence, God bone clank, but did not say anything, to see the different <strong> </strong> orientations of the two Story holding cents iron bar independent.

Monkeys, I know you have Sumeru Xiangmo Chu, can be borrowed from the ancient God silkworm Ling Wong clothing, but what can they do, do you dare a person for a long time pushed two Imperial-class weapons? Imminent demise you only the fate of Kun Zhou said cold.

The 1070th King's Road for hegemony

Extraterritorial battlefield, a withered and desolate, rotten metal warships, terrible sage remains Protoss pale skeleton, etc, scattered everywhere.

St. Suidiao soldiers, immortal mysterious corpse, are precious materials, but the time grinding ruined everything.

Fighting over the Buddha silence, a person <strong> </strong> independent of the two great enemy, this is an unimaginable pressure. Story supernatural guise, Reaching for the Stars to take days, chaotic days of moving to jump out of a can ruin the earth .

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<h1> </h1>You do not hit kill, he was afraid for no loss to the ban.

Then I'll buy you hit the road! Fan Ye shouts, sky-earth, this ancient battlefield actually shake up, give boundless SG.

Source surgery! Awe-inspiring the hearts of two ancient creatures, he had learned to master a wonderful technique, in front of the Swire No, after the family of the world created by the power of the <h2> </h2> source pulse.

The source veins of this place as early as in the Swire years Waduan, how can you leveraging? Two ancient creatures are born a bad feeling.

The unless you beyond the Pacific Biological Lord went out, or who is going according to kill! Fan Ye has a strong self-confidence.

Not long ago, he has infinitely close source 'realm, the source surgery naturally to the next level, too much terrain in the land of the north field, let him take the power of the source pulse.

It can be said that in the beginning was the restricted area and geographical Yun endless source of God, he can be war any Lord, He has absolute combat power in northern production source.

In the beginning was the restricted area, or purple mountain, he will be more powerful, the North field is the main battlefield, Fan Ye dare to come back alone.

The war is fierce, two ancient creatures simply do not know the source of the mysteries of surgery, unable to compete with the suppressed, forbidden utilized several times before finally cracked.

Valley of the gods, the ground floor of a small patch of <strong> </strong> golden lake front, the young Swire royal Pak Tai pushed Mana, the lake finally reflecting the figure of Fan Ye.


They see a strong and overbearing kick, as if through God Lake stepped out, sharp and terrible void crushed into a black hole.

Fan Ye one foot in the the superhuman powers ancient creatures chest directly stepping on him fall to the ground, smoke and dust everywhere on earth, seeing this ancient creatures outlet intake.


The same time, Ye Fan roar, underground <strong> </strong> residual source pulse boiling, all essence the rule forces with Fan Ye-one, he stuck a golden hand, another ancient creatures hit the big mouth spurting stumble to the dust.

Damn! Valley of the gods, young Pacific royal purple haired hair stood on end, eyes purple breathtaking, and a shattered next to the stone benches.

Source surgery, in the north field, he will not weak! Wang Teng frowned.

After When Fan Ye wheeled playing Kamimuchi, golden shimmering lake, all the pictures are gone.

Days are ancient mountains, Ye Fan wheel and hit Kamimuchi torture two ancient creatures, constantly rolling their soul killing, they will.

The opportunity only once, do not want to die, then give me translated this ancient classics!

Two Swire biological rather die than surrender, beak copper teeth, not opening the Fan Ye Not much to say, playing Kamimuchi of Mibao grind their soul.

Ah, two Paleontology screams to withstand.

Fan Ye looked at the sky, fly away with two prisoners, disappeared in the days are mountains.

Eight days later, the two would like to dead can not paleontological yield, Fan Ye put into a different cave, to help its translation cents tears green gold .

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<h1> </h1>Childhood outstanding, does not mean that they grow up Wizards ancient example less?

East shortage in the past, there have been eight or nine into the quadrupole Fam peerless genius, what results is not <strong> </strong> the end obliterate all men.

Some people see, however the summer Jiuyou arrogant, verbally refute.

Better than you at birth obliterate all much stronger. White boy summer jiu arrogant do not change, sneered glance all, many people are silent, the boy cynical, a dare the man-made world like the enemy.

At the moment, even the Fan Ye wants his outstretched fingers, of course, is not to say the thumb or other finger.

Peerless genius of the ancient, most of which have grown up, accidents are few. An old servant of the white boy behind the placid said.

All silent, summer Jiuyou was much older, but thirteen-year-old only, but it has the ability to pressure strong, let him grow up, this is simply an evildoer!

Immeasurable for Tianzun

The melodious Road No. sounded, such as The Sound of bursts, wash away the human mind, a girl priests do not know when already appeared on the stairs.

She was tall, temperament Chu Chen, gives a very special feeling, obviously standing there, misty, fairy light cover themselves, but they could not see her looks.

Her <h2> </h2> like the moon in a Li Ying, and if Jueya on a blue fairy, like one with the Tao people see the depth, to see not halal Yan.

A descendant of the Holy Land! Someone exclaimed.

Fan Ye hearts hop, this girl priests powerful Chu Chen, he is deep. In the the big break Belvedere tomb, her feminine days sieve sound, recited the immeasurable revere the four words, a full purification thousands of Yin Yin Ma.

A sister of the Holy Land to the side, please. Ji <strong> </strong> Bi-monthly smiles tenderly, to twist soft waist, went over the Road at winning the girl to the side.

Fan Ye and coated fly the absolutely most really want to pit the two holy places with them, the invocation to strongman to testify, with the rally.

What's the use to so many people, you still leave it as early as possible, you do not have any chance. Summer Jiuyou glance all, even if the world enemy, he did not care.

You are not afraid of a person is shortage of Gusheng is shot dead? Painted fly look poor, he no scruples, As large Kou generations, the younger generation invincible magnetic shake light Son are still strong words.

Shortage Gusheng body what but I'm going to captive slaves of it, if he dare disrespect to me, I Conspire shoot his ashes.

Coated fly want to smoke him a slap summer Jiuyou said anything else does not matter, but always said what a servant, let him feel the palms itch.

Not to mention the Fan Ye, he gently tap the desktop and would like to shoot this white boy meal.

From the two of you here, make haste to leave! Summer Jiuyou on Fan Ye coated fly opening closest to him, he wanted to clean up, get rid of all the monks.

Alone, you also want the two of us to leave?

Three hundred and third pit the Holy Land

Alone, you also want the two of us left .

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<h1><a href=>tory burch outlet store</a> </h1>A big breath, do not know the Godhead whether deserved reputation, middle-aged Mei Fu sneer.

Purple man, black light dance, look indifferent eyes deep, calm opening, said: So, you can rest break to.

Let Laoshen to give it a try, the Godhead exactly how terrible! Middle-aged Meifu personally approached, the mouth spray a Rays, shaped like a willow, silver beginnings, chopping off toward the purple man.

Purple man composure, there is no action, Yi Meipiao dance, he held hands standing, but at this moment all were very surprised!

The <strong><a href=></a> </strong> night suddenly landed down, bleak, and behind him, a very strange picture raging blue sea, a bright moon rising and falling under the holy Silverlit.

Sea rising moon! All are all shocked.

This is the ancient mighty round sea-of-phase, he should repair has become worthy of the Godhead!

Round bright moon spot horde of middle-aged the willow Meifu magic, instantly into Jifen, then the holy moon rotates Yaozu strong even <strong><a href=>tory burch outlet</a> </strong> hum failed groaned and turned it into Xue Wu, Xingshenjumie.

Night, Bi Haibo light sparkling, a bright moon in the sky hanging, hand-held standing purple man, always never move, can not say it lightly with misty, people King blend picturesque. One hundred and twenty first chapter invincible

Mingming Lie sun in the sky, but in front of the tall Broken Hill but nightfall, blue sea surge, ebb and flow, the moon hanging, people feel the bursts of air out, although Taosheng, but there is a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere.

Sea rising moon!

Ancient mighty round sea-of-phase, overawed all this means in a world of few people Xiu.

Kyi's house and seven son Ji bright moon, God break into the early first shot, it gives cause a great shock.

Legend, each of phase mysterious Weili, completely different from the normal practice of power, can not try to speculate. The sea rising moon, pass through the ages, the ancient repair this kind of phase, a great reputation in the East shortage.

The Fan Ye heart of calm, he first saw the distinctive round sea, constantly compared with his golden Oliver.

How there will be a bright moon in the sky suspension, which is how to generate? He baffled. His golden Oliver extremely uncommon, but he knows <h2><a href=>tory burch outlet online</a> </h2> now absolutely can not contend with each other, he has not worked out-of-phase Weili.

Fan Ye is not depressed, but his practice for more than three years. Repair now has been amazing, now he needs only a matter of time only, the Eucharist potential tapped.

Only two or three Uncharted practice, in order to significantly heterogeneous, running Weili, this child really terrible. Yaozu an old woman sighed: Kyi's house put on ice for him for years, I am afraid that just left the gifted start tuning the two Ten years on, now repair taught at his birth, one can imagine, and his strength will certainly unfathomable.

Yaozu strong presence all know, the past two decades, the Kyi's house certainly spend endless effort to cultivate this person a shortage ancient family make every effort to have the Godhead Ji whether the bright moon <a href=>tory burch outlet online</a> .

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<h1><a href=>tory burch sale</a> </h1>Life.

Even if there will be life-threatening, even dying, he was also shot, he did not want to lose this friend.

Cloud Zezhou, and as the name suggests, are everywhere Osawa, misty mist, it is more like rivers and lakes.

Two weeks later, they arrived here.

This green state is very broad, a radius of Miles top dozens, many oasis in the north field.

Fan Ye sigh, this piece of land is too vast, compared to the Star the other end of the land, is simply unacceptable, such as a myth.

Cloud Zezhou, unlike the <strong><a href=>tory burch miller sandals</a> </strong> landscape of the north field, lush green, boundless vitality, almost except for the tree is water, a hundred paces spring, Ten Mile River.

Mountains rising into a piece of waterfalls, mountain completely covered the vast expanse.

Endless plains, lush and green everywhere, except for the towering old trees, the rivers in the Pentium, criss-cross, like a black dragon split the earth.

The huge lake can be seen everywhere, <h2><a href=>tory burch sale</a> </h2> and even into a piece, endless.

Osawa everywhere, everywhere mist, here indeed is the hometown of the water.

Green Kau king, a is enlightenment dragon, Mizusawa largest state, not the people's expectations. Murmuring a big black dog.

Do not talk nonsense! Fan Ye stare at him.

Zezhou cloud, into the site of the Qing Jiao Wang, <strong><a href=>tory burch outlet online</a> </strong> what if some demon repair heard, I am afraid there will be trouble.

The Qing Jiao Wang is Yaozu predecessors mighty into human form, saved the World a thousand years or more, repair unpredictable, this really should pay attention to words and deeds. Tu Fei Chen Sheng said.

Two days later, they came to the the Qing Jiao Wang retreat.

Coated fly to come up with a piece of jade, inscribed with a painted word, but the seventh largest Kou coated days engraved, the internal seal mark.

He resorted to this jade, suddenly Guanghua flash, the immediate landscape big change, they enter an unfamiliar space.

Towering mountains, Mizusawa many luxuriant trees, water vapor diffuse eighty-one river through here, the lakes are not under dozens.

Ancient sages to create space! Big black dog nothing left eyes flash.

You know down a lot. The coated fly snappily white it is a.

What people? In front of a mist-shrouded mountains upload to Sheng.

One of us, my name painted fly who had come to you. Tu replied, fly.

Number of shadows fall, men handsome, delicate and charming woman, with one Yaoqi the way forward.

Tu-day descendants of the older generation. They checked jade, put a few people forward.

This space becomes a party heaven and earth, very broad, the waterfall area, before Fangmei Jing.

Peaks, waterfalls, pavilions and temples, palace pavilion, ears everywhere to see.

The vines old trees, flowers and herbs, are everywhere.

The original is painted home successor a long time have not been here before, right?

Road, there is the acquaintance older Beastkin. Greet, coated fly 11 respectful response.

Ha ha, brother James to really let me exceedingly miss ah. A Beastkin young man with a number of shadows flying, landing on the ground.

He was a Quebec <a href=>tory burch outlet online</a> .

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<h1> </h1>Fan Ye volume to.

At the moment, the the Fan Ye feeling very strange, golden Oliver in his body surging the purple lightning interleaving, want to rush out, but it can not be done, he did not know how to guide.

However, there is an inexplicable force overflow, blocking each other's different phase, on-site only he understand how it was.

This is the shortage Gusheng duel East shortage Godhead.

Bi-blue ocean, surging near can Nukiyama the fracturing that can imprison all to practice three Uncharted strong, such as trapped in the mud, it is difficult to move.

However, the blue sea and not confined to live Ye Fan, unexpectedly be set at the front of the great fall, calm seas, instant calm.

At this moment, that round the moon slowly sink down, which is the sea rising moon-phase the most powerful killer!

Legend, moon reclamation, tearing the sky, crushing the earth, can be easily beheaded higher than their own Uncharted strong, with unparalleled Weili.

Round sea Fam four realms the Palace Road Fam five realm, can imagine how terrible this heterogeneous across four or five realm Kills strong, be regarded as Hanshi-phase!

It is said that the sea is rising moon-phase will never end, <h2> </h2> no end, as long as the monks can enhance the repair, this will continue to sublimation of phase, more to the latter is the more terrible.

Moon sinks down, the beginnings of jade, brilliant and soft, like a piece of crystal fragmentation spilled down, where colorful glass refraction Guanghua.

Crystal sky, endless essence, there were numerous, such as carved jade flower falls, against the background of the colorful, gushing Veris.

Fan Ye body was stinging, Bao body also difficult to support, feels like pieces generally, endless Huaguang spilled, he will be in the spot, it is difficult to move.

The moon slowly and powerful repression down, to tear his body, to smash his soul killing, his spiritual knowledge.

His heart unwilling, the Eucharist is not cultivated itself against the Godhead repair the three Uncharted naturally difficult to resist all repair <strong> </strong> the problem, nothing to do with the out of phase.

This time, Yuet Wah Ye Fan shrouded moon hanging over the top of the head, <strong> </strong> it seems that vibration, you can crush the soul.


Body of Fan Ye, Wang Yang monstrous, lightning intertwined, and finally vibration and a strange energy, blocking the terrible oppression, slowly unraveling the in vitro moonlight.

The same time, round moon slowly propped up, it is rising.

The presence of all shocked, actually withstood the the sea rising moon-phase, which is really amazing!

Only Fan Ye secretly crying, he was soon unable to support, barely blocked the moon.

My moon can turn nine, but the first turn, There are eight transfer you to give it a try. Ji haoyue head a halo of bright, in addition to eight Guanghua looming connected together, such as a crown him as a God King Pro dust!

In fact, the Godhead was born in East shortage indeed, as king of God came into the world, once Dacheng, invincible, Come and anti-hand, can indeed be called East Arakami king!

Bright moon brother, you can not do, he .

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