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enerfeinyncDate: Saturday, 02.03.13, 7.37 PM | Message # 3901
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hdfgdnsdvfgseydjhDate: Saturday, 02.03.13, 10.07 PM | Message # 3902
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cheapest viagraDate: Sunday, 03.03.13, 0.52 AM | Message # 3904
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DURLHEARBUTLEDate: Sunday, 03.03.13, 1.02 AM | Message # 3905
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ZelsideadlyDate: Sunday, 03.03.13, 2.51 AM | Message # 3906
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CreedeflimilsDate: Sunday, 03.03.13, 7.43 AM | Message # 3907
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WeeloDoleDate: Sunday, 03.03.13, 8.25 AM | Message # 3908
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psydratVopattDate: Sunday, 03.03.13, 5.12 PM | Message # 3909
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OVERVIEW: In prior litigation, it had been determined that the incorporator of each of the claimants was an employee of each claimant within the meaning of the bond and that he had engaged in fraudulent and dishonest acts. The issue before this court was whether the transactions involved in the claimants' 11 claims did in fact result in a "loss" to the claimant so as to bring the claim within the terms of the bond. In the prior actions, it had also been decided that the bonding company had the burden of proving that each of the transactions fulfilled a legitimate corporate purpose. The court entered judgment in favor of the claimants. The court reviewed each of the 11 claims and concluded that none of them fulfilled a legitimate corporate purpose. In some instances, one claimant assumed the debt of another when the claimant who originally owed the debt was insolvent and unable to pay the debt. In other instances, the court found that the transactions were completely gratuitous transfers of money. The court held that Fla. Stat Ann. § 627.428 mandated the inclusion in the judgment of a reasonable sum as compensation for the claimants' attorneys' fees incurred in the course of this litigation. arritommaget violin notes for canon in d major <a href="http://elizabethhinson.com">learning violin age</a> best suzuki violin lessons anchorage 87321649
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