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savannahmcpheeters641Date: Thursday, 17.01.13, 10.13 AM | Message # 3061
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alhkrjubDate: Thursday, 17.01.13, 10.37 AM | Message # 3062
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enerfeinyncDate: Thursday, 17.01.13, 11.21 AM | Message # 3063
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ofeliabranagan008Date: Thursday, 17.01.13, 12.01 PM | Message # 3064
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Your wedding ceremony and reception are not intended to be exercises in expert planning and execution, but celebrations of your new life as a married couple. It’s easy to lose sight of the day’s meaning in the clutter of so many preparations. Here are a few suggestions that will help you enjoy your wedding reception … 1.Get a good night’s sleep the night before. Try to plan a day of rest by having everything done two days before the wedding, including your rehearsal dinner. Don’t stay up late addressing party favors or making place cards the night before your wedding. Recharge your batteries by taking a day to breathe and relax while doing regular activities you enjoy. 2. Don’t drink too much (or at all) during the day. If you’re going to drink on your wedding day, wait until you arrive at the hall. Be sure to eat something, too.3. Wear or bring comfortable shoes. The bride, groom and bridal party should choose great-fitting and low-heeled shoes for the gala affair; or bring a second pair of shoes or slippers that make their feet happy -- especially while dancing.4. Plan an exit strategy. Ask responsible friends and family members to help you by assigning them end-of-the-night duties, such as removing decorations, taking gifts to a pre-determined destination and settling up with the hall. Parents and trustworthy friends are often asked to handle the latter. 5.Let people come to you. Don’t feel compelled to “hang out” with everyone. Once you’ve finished greeting friends and family during the receiving line or visited with them at their tables, you no longer need to keep them company. Guests will come to you, particularly while you’re on the dance floor.6. Relax. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Hundreds of details have been planned. How and when they are carried out is mostly out of your control. Let go of things that are not in your power to change. When your best-laid plans go awry, keep things in perspective. Remember that this is one moment of many in a day, and one day of your life. Your sense of humor is your second best friend on your wedding day. 7. Trust your DJ. If everyone isn’t on the dance floor by the second song, don’t start to panic. You can’t rush the party. A great DJ knows how to handle a reluctant crowd and build momentum with the music. Give him some space to do his job, and your patience will be rewarded. 8. Don’t compare: Every party is different. Don't compare your wedding reception with others that you have attended. Each party has its own personality based on a variety of factors. Day-to-day events at home, school, work or in the news can all affect the energy level of the room. Allow your reception to take on its own identity and you'll enjoy it more (and so will your guests!).9. Spend time with your new husband. A couple can spend so much time apart at their reception, working the room with a “divide and conquer” mindset, that they often forget the day is meant for them. Memories of your wedding reception ought to include moments shared with your new spouse that aren’t staged by a photographer. Make your togetherness a priority, and you’ll save yourself a lifetime of regrets.10. Dance. Above all, have a great time at your party. Eat, socialize and meet your spouse on the dance floor. Your fun mood is contagious, and guests will follow your lead.About the AuthorMike Staff is the owner of Mike Staff Productions (, an award winning Wedding DJ, Entertainment and Videography Company located in metropolitan Detroit, Michigan. Mike is also a well known Detroit radio personality, having spent over 14 years on-the-air at one of Detroit's most popular music stations, 101-FM WRIF. © Copyright 2007. Mike Staff Productions, Inc. All rights reserved.
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bkjtdqpeDate: Thursday, 17.01.13, 12.06 PM | Message # 3065
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enerfeinyncDate: Thursday, 17.01.13, 4.34 PM | Message # 3067
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