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qtbprnvDate: Sunday, 13.01.13, 9.59 PM | Message # 2971
Group: Guests

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enerfeinyncDate: Sunday, 13.01.13, 10.49 PM | Message # 2972
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lsxjsraDate: Sunday, 13.01.13, 11.20 PM | Message # 2973
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enerfeinyncDate: Sunday, 13.01.13, 11.47 PM | Message # 2974
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tcjoncwDate: Monday, 14.01.13, 0.05 AM | Message # 2975
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AvoicsHoonopsDate: Monday, 14.01.13, 0.08 AM | Message # 2976
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czmahioDate: Monday, 14.01.13, 0.25 AM | Message # 2977
Group: Guests

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MandyejoDate: Monday, 14.01.13, 0.50 AM | Message # 2978
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ogmmzktjDate: Monday, 14.01.13, 2.30 AM | Message # 2980
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bzxgssnDate: Monday, 14.01.13, 4.59 AM | Message # 2983
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samanthabussink899Date: Monday, 14.01.13, 5.10 AM | Message # 2984
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11 Ways Joining Adult Dating Sites is a Bigger Investment than you Think
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Copyright 2006 www.Credit-Card-Surplus.comThere is a lot of interest in 0% APR Balance Transfer credit cards because of the tremendous savings possibilities they offer. You don't have to be an MIT graduate to understand that the 20% you are paying to a high-interest credit card on a balance of $ 10,000.00 is two grand; and if the interest on your credit card was 0% APR, that money would stay in your pocket. It turns out, however, that not all 0% APR credit cards are the same. Major credit card companies, who are competing fiercely with each other at this moment, use a variety of enhancement programs that combine the idea of 0 % APR Balance Transfers and with other add-on bonuses. Consider the offerings of three of the largest credit card companies, how they are similar in terms of the basics, but are putting a twist on benefits:The Chase Platinum Credit CardChase bank has been in the credit card business for a long time, and this card is their standard offer. It has 0% APR on all purchases and balance transfers, provides free online account access, and does not charge an annual fee. The only question about this card is how long does the 0% APR last; and the answer depends on your credit. If you have excellent credit, Chase will give you 0% APR on purchases and balance transfers for a full year. If your credit is good enough to qualify for the card, but not quite good enough to meet the higher standards, that period of 0% APR drops. Still, the opportunity to transfer balances and make purchases at 0% APR makes Chase a good choice.The Miles Card from DiscoverAnother industry heavyweight, Discover, has 0% APR credit cards available for purchases and balance transfers. The Miles Card, however, adds the benefit of accumulating airline miles to help consumers choose Discover over everyone else. The company touts their 0% APR credit card for its twelve month duration and the ability to include balance transfers at no interest. The real inducement, however, is the 12,000 mile sign-up bonus and one-mile-for-one-dollar point award. Just to make the deal a little sweeter; there are no blackout dates for these miles and you can fly any airline at any time. You have to have good credit to get one, but the Miles Card from Discover may be a good way to save interest on purchases and balance transfers while building up miles for the next vacation.Citi庐 Diamond Preferred庐 Rewards CardThis 0% APR credit card from Citi not only gives you 12 months of interest-free funds and no balance transfer charges, it also has a points reward system that gives you redeemable points based on purchases. The program works by offering five reward points for every dollar spent on purchases made at supermarkets, drugstores and gas stations; all other purchases get one point per dollar. You get 5,000 bonus points when you get your card, which can be redeemed for a $ 50.00 gift card after your first purchase. Like the Discover card, you will need good credit to get this 0% APR card, but the initial bonus points and rapid accumulation of reward points for purchases of the basic necessities of life could make this just the card for you.These days, the question is no longer about finding a 0% APR credit card or a 0% Balance Transfer card; the issue is how would you like that card-with extra months of interest-free money, airline miles, or other rewards such as incentive point programs? Any person who is currently carrying balances on high-interest credit cards should shop online and take a look at the 0% APR and 0% Balance Transfer credit cards from Chase, Discover, Citi and other companies. You may just find the right card for you.

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With digital technology at the forefront of every camera that you will see in the market today, it is not surprising that alongside this trend is the increase in the number of graphic tools for computers.Now, not only do photographers have the ability to adjust the look of the pictures that they take with their digital cameras, they also have the necessary tools that will help them add more effects and create a whole new picture from the photographs that they have taken.Below are just some of the best graphic tools and software in the market that photographers, both amateur and professional, will sure love.Adobe PhotoshopThis is perhaps the most popular and most reliable software in the market. It is widely used not only in businesses and commercial establishments but also at home. This software is remarkably easy to use and very useful. Because of its wide range of functions, there are but a few that this software cannot do, if there are any! It is one of the most flexible tools available for photographers.Among the features that make this a stand out is the layering masks, the adjustment layers, the history brush and the layering effects, which is highly useful especially when doing multiple adjustments. Users can also make adjustments or corrections without changing the original composition of the photograph. The most recent version is the Adobe CS, which will run both in Windows and Mac.Wacom’s Graphire3 TabletBecause of its more ergonomic feel, this software is also a winner for digital graphic artists as well as photographers. Although, this is not as easy to use as the Adobe Photoshop, it is still comfortable to work with.With this software, artists need not use the mouse to make adjustments. They will be using a special pen pointer which will come in handy especially when drawing a particular image or retouching a photo. This is very ideal for digital artists that deal mainly with retouching because the pointer will work best in these situations. Like Adobe, this software will also run on Windows and Mac.Jasc Paint Shop Pro 9Although it is often likened to the Photoshop, having basically the same range of functions, Graphic experts feel that it has a long way to go. Still, compared to its earlier versions, the Pro 9 is a definite winners, with its streamlined space and new tools and effects. Another really great feature is the option for personalization. This runs only in Windows.
Traditional ways of learning required a teacher, a chalkboard, a desk, a ruler, pencil, and a textbook. A teacher with a stern, professional posture stood before the room with barely a smile on her face as she taught her class. This was the image seen in many movies and some adults actually had her in their class many years ago. She or he may have conducted a rather boring class, spending a lot of time talking over your head or talking to the chalkboard. The teacher restricted the class to textbook studies only and quizzes and tests every week. Every now and then it was a real treat for students to watch a movie in her class, even if it was boring and the film jumped around on the screen. As for field trips, forget about it, students were lucky if they got to have an additional recess from time to time. Then when test time came, the worksheets seemed to be as old as them. Oftentimes a student, with a raised arm, would say, “I can’t read number 15.” Then other students would nod or murmur in agreement. It would be a long school year in Mr. or Ms. XYZ’s class.Years ago the Internet didn’t exist so we will just excuse Ms. XYZ for not having readily accessible information that could give her the ideas to stimulate her students. She may have been too busy grading papers or tending to her own family. Whatever her excuse, she has none nowadays. There are plenty of websites, articles, and other ways to make learning fun for children. The following suggestions may help you as a parent, who would like to assist your children or the teacher, stimulate her skills while making life more interesting for her class.1. When beginning a new subject or topic to teach, why not decorate the class related to a theme. For instance, if you will be teaching about dinosaurs, why not have posters hanging in your classroom about dinosaurs?2. Provide something fun related to your topic that children could take home to color, solve a puzzle or show off such as stickers or a colorful book that they can keep.3. Always have an interesting DVD ready to “kick off” a new subject.4. Set a time during the day, maybe Friday, where the students are required to work on a project together related to the topic. Students could try to piece a puzzle together, watch a video and write or draw what they really like from it, or play a game that will help them remember what you have taught them.5. You may want a speaker to come in and talk about the subject other than you. Find out from parents if they know someone that would be willing to come to the classroom to speak on the topic you are teaching. Have the speaker bring something with them that will help the students remember his or her visit.6. Talk with other teachers about what you are doing and maybe they would be willing to help you. They may be interested in getting their class to participate.7. Research your local community on events that will aid you in your teaching. There may be a “free zoo day” and you just happened to be teaching on animals.8. Watch out for sales. Sometimes products you may need to accompany your topic can be purchased at a reasonable price.9. Tell parents both verbally and physically how you can use their input.10. Visit online forums, blogs or create your own social networking profile to connect with other teachers to exchange ideas.For a unique gift idea, click on the link following this article.


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There are lots of accessories you may buy for your small airplane; however only a couple of them are indispensible. Two must haves for small airplane pilots are a GPS and a headset. Choosing the best one for you really depends on your needs as well as your preferences and budget.All experienced small airplane pilots know how important a headset is when flying. The reason why is because headsets protect your hearing and that is something worth protecting. There are quite a few different brands of headsets on the market and choosing the right one is important. Lots of small airplane pilots use a David Clark headset or a Telex headset. However the Avcomm headset is gaining in popularity as well. The one you choose should be based on recommendations of other pilots as well as your own preferences. For example, you may find the Avcomm headsets more comfortable than the David Clark headsets while another small plane pilot may have the opposite experience. Comfort is very important because if the headset is not comfortable you are more likely to take it off and risk damaging your hearing. The next important aspect of a headset is the features offered. Some pilots only want and need the most basic features. However, others will want all the bells and whistles so to speak and choose a headset that offers every possible feature on the market. You must evaluate what you need versus what you want especially if your budget impacts what headset you buy. If you can possibly borrow another pilot's headset for a short flight to see how you like it then that is always a great idea.The next thing every pilot needs is a GPS. When you are flying you want to know where you are going and where not to go and a GPS is very helpful. Two of the best options when it comes to GPS are the Garmin 496 GPS and the Garmin 396 GPS. These two models are made by the same company and while they are very similar the 496 model offers just a little bit more in the way of features and also costs a little more. Both do a wonderful job telling you where you are and helping you reach your final destination. So, when it comes to choosing between the two you must decide how important the extra features of the 496 are to you as well as if they are worth the extra money. If so then you should purchase the Garmin 496 but if they aren't then the Garmin 396 is a better model for you. Most people have to make the decision based on their budget and if this is the case for you then you will find the 396 model to be worth every penny even though it doesn't offer all the features of the 496 model.There are certainly other accessories a small plane pilot will want and need for his plane, but the two most important ones are the headset and GPS. Once these are purchased you can focus on purchasing the other accessories that interest you.

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