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ArrotInsonaDate: Sunday, 13.01.13, 11.20 AM | Message # 2956
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pssemenasnschDate: Sunday, 13.01.13, 12.29 PM | Message # 2957
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AnyboarryDate: Sunday, 13.01.13, 3.09 PM | Message # 2958
Group: Guests

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ArrotInsonaDate: Sunday, 13.01.13, 4.02 PM | Message # 2959
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salrenyerDate: Sunday, 13.01.13, 4.17 PM | Message # 2960
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pssemenasnschDate: Sunday, 13.01.13, 6.22 PM | Message # 2963
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GyclelonlesseDate: Sunday, 13.01.13, 6.59 PM | Message # 2964
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bfciwomdDate: Sunday, 13.01.13, 7.45 PM | Message # 2967
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Weight loss is one of the most important obsessions in American society today. People are constantly searching for a new way to lose weight as fast as possible. Whether you want to fit into that gorgeous dress for your date on Friday night, or you want to get in shape for the upcoming golf season, there are a number of ways that you can lose weight safely and effectively.But, the problem these days is that most people take diets and weight loss too seriously. Being too serious about anything can lead to disappointment and frustration when things do not work out exactly as you planned. So, if you want to shed some pounds, have a plan indeed, but don't punish yourself if you fail and need to start again.To help you, here is a light hearted look at some of the common reasons why you might be overweight.Starting from the least to most important :#10. Your Grandmother keeps making you cookies and you feel guilty if you don't eat them.#9. Your spouse makes fun of you when you eat Tofu, so you eat Twinkies instead.#8. Your co-workers keep saying you look great, so why spoil it !#7. Tried Hypnosis, but when you go for a walk you have to stop at every fire hydrant.#6. Your Gym shorts don't fit anymore.#5. Too embarrassed to admit you don't know what the word Nautilus means.#4. Exercise makes you lose your breath - better to relax and smoke instead.#3. Can't get off the couch – too hooked on Deal or No Deal.#2. Wife threatened to leave you if you didn't lose 20 pounds.And the number one reason why you are overweight is ...#1. You're in training to get on NBCs The Biggest Loser TV Show !But, seriously, if you need to lose weight, make it fun and not a life sentence. It's not that hard if you take it one small step at a time. Here are a few tips to get you started :- Eat lots of smaller meals throughout the day. If your usual day revolves around three meals, you should try to change this to five smaller meals during the day. This will help you to take in fewer calories during the day at any given time and will help to stimulate your metabolism and burn off the calories you actually consume.- Exercise for at least twenty minutes 5 out of seven days a week or more. But, make it fun – go for a walk, go skating, play some golf, go cycling, swimming, jogging, or whatever you enjoy. The more you do this, the more calories you will burn and the better your chances of success.- Cut your carbohydrate consumption as much as possible. Eat more proteins instead (eggs, milk, lean meat, chicken and so on) and you'll have more sustained energy throughout the day, will feel better and you will lose more inches over time.More importantly, talk with your doctor about your hopefully healthy weight loss goals and ideas and get their approval first before embarking on any exercise or diet program. Before you know it, you will start feeling more energetic, positive and more alive than ever before.
Starting a hypertension exercise program can be difficult and not just because it can involve going to the dreaded gym. Finding the right kind of motivation can prove to be more of a challenge than the exercising itself (and this is why so many people fail before they ever start!). You can't go through this process with a defeatist attitude. A successful exercise program requires positive thinking and realistic goals. To make this happen--since everyone needs a little help when beginning--we offer these ten hints:One:get your doctor involved. Before beginning any kind of hypertension exercise regime, you should consult your doctor. Let him or her explain what is best for your situation--what your body needs, what it can handle, etc. This will make constructing an exercise plan easier since you will know what targets you should be aiming for.Two:find yourself some help. The best way to stay motivated is to have someone to remind you that you are not alone. Whether you have a friend exercise with you or just have a family member to cheer you on, this is the best way to keep yourself from feeling defeated. They will help keep you focused and make exercising seem less like a chore and more like just spending time with someone you love.Three:remember that results take time. Too many people assume that, after that fast initial weight loss, all results will continue at the same pace. You may lose five to ten pounds quickly but your body will then adapt to the changes.Do not become discouraged because of this; it's natural. A lifestyle change is not a quick process and you shouldn't be put off when results take time.Four:find exercises you can enjoy.We do not all have to sign up for aerobics classes. Some may prefer swimming, biking, hiking, etc. Find things you can look forward to doing and this will get rid of the whole "I'm exercising" mindset.It doesn’t even have to be ‘traditional’ exercise,a regular dance class will prove just as beneficial. This will make motivation a much easier thing. If you can enjoy what you're doing, then you certainly won't mind doing it.Five:build a routine. You should not do a hypertension exercise program sporadically. The point is to develop a consistent schedule and actually follow it. Do not make excuses; just do as you need to. Your routine should reflect your health concerns and target the areas your doctor has suggested.Six:keep a journal of your progress.If you are looking for ways to chart your successes (what works, what doesn't, how much weight has been lost, how your blood pressure is doing, etc.),then keep a journal. This can serve as tangible proof that your new lifestyle is working and keep you motivated.Seven:make other lifestyle changes.Just exercising is not enough; you need to change your diet as well. Consult with your doctor over which foods would best help lower your blood pressure and incorporate them.You do not have to deprive yourself of all of your favorite foods, just learn moderation and good eating sense.Eight:create a schedule that works. You have to make your hypertension exercise work for you; this means developing a schedule that is tailored to your particular lifestyle. Know when you will have the most time to exercise and when it will be impossible. This will keep you from feeling overwhelmed and like the program is taking from your life, rather than adding to it.Nine:remember why you are doing this.Yes,it may be difficult and,yes,it can seem tedious. But you have to remember that this program is for your health, to ensure that you lower your blood pressure and get yourself in shape.Keep that in mind when you feel like taking time off from the plan.Ten:understand the value of reward. This does not mean that you should gorge yourself on fatty foods or consume alcohol for celebrating. You should, though,set up small rewards as a way to boost motivation. Whenever you reach a goal,treat yourself to an activity you love. This will just make the event easier to handle if you have something worthwhile waiting at the end of it.With these steps, you can create a hypertension exercise strategy and stay motivated throughout it.With your doctor’s help, this will be much a easier and effective effort.Just make sure to mention any pre-existing conditions that you may have, such as diabetes, which may also impact your hypertension.


Copyright 2006 www.Credit-Card-Surplus.comThere is a lot of interest in 0% APR Balance Transfer credit cards because of the tremendous savings possibilities they offer. You don't have to be an MIT graduate to understand that the 20% you are paying to a high-interest credit card on a balance of $ 10,000.00 is two grand; and if the interest on your credit card was 0% APR, that money would stay in your pocket. It turns out, however, that not all 0% APR credit cards are the same. Major credit card companies, who are competing fiercely with each other at this moment, use a variety of enhancement programs that combine the idea of 0 % APR Balance Transfers and with other add-on bonuses. Consider the offerings of three of the largest credit card companies, how they are similar in terms of the basics, but are putting a twist on benefits:The Chase Platinum Credit CardChase bank has been in the credit card business for a long time, and this card is their standard offer. It has 0% APR on all purchases and balance transfers, provides free online account access, and does not charge an annual fee. The only question about this card is how long does the 0% APR last; and the answer depends on your credit. If you have excellent credit, Chase will give you 0% APR on purchases and balance transfers for a full year. If your credit is good enough to qualify for the card, but not quite good enough to meet the higher standards, that period of 0% APR drops. Still, the opportunity to transfer balances and make purchases at 0% APR makes Chase a good choice.The Miles Card from DiscoverAnother industry heavyweight, Discover, has 0% APR credit cards available for purchases and balance transfers. The Miles Card, however, adds the benefit of accumulating airline miles to help consumers choose Discover over everyone else. The company touts their 0% APR credit card for its twelve month duration and the ability to include balance transfers at no interest. The real inducement, however, is the 12,000 mile sign-up bonus and one-mile-for-one-dollar point award. Just to make the deal a little sweeter; there are no blackout dates for these miles and you can fly any airline at any time. You have to have good credit to get one, but the Miles Card from Discover may be a good way to save interest on purchases and balance transfers while building up miles for the next vacation.Citi® Diamond Preferred® Rewards CardThis 0% APR credit card from Citi not only gives you 12 months of interest-free funds and no balance transfer charges, it also has a points reward system that gives you redeemable points based on purchases. The program works by offering five reward points for every dollar spent on purchases made at supermarkets, drugstores and gas stations; all other purchases get one point per dollar. You get 5,000 bonus points when you get your card, which can be redeemed for a $ 50.00 gift card after your first purchase. Like the Discover card, you will need good credit to get this 0% APR card, but the initial bonus points and rapid accumulation of reward points for purchases of the basic necessities of life could make this just the card for you.These days, the question is no longer about finding a 0% APR credit card or a 0% Balance Transfer card; the issue is how would you like that card-with extra months of interest-free money, airline miles, or other rewards such as incentive point programs? Any person who is currently carrying balances on high-interest credit cards should shop online and take a look at the 0% APR and 0% Balance Transfer credit cards from Chase, Discover, Citi and other companies. You may just find the right card for you.
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