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knqpctsDate: Wednesday, 09.01.13, 1.31 AM | Message # 2881
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enerfeinyncDate: Wednesday, 09.01.13, 1.37 AM | Message # 2882
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oqxrmyoDate: Wednesday, 09.01.13, 2.43 AM | Message # 2883
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twoqookvDate: Wednesday, 09.01.13, 3.57 AM | Message # 2884
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MandyxydDate: Wednesday, 09.01.13, 4.42 AM | Message # 2885
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Choosing your wedding jewelry can be crucial. There are certain fundamentals that apply to all jewelry purchases, but wedding rings, which you will be wearing forever, follow a different set of rules. Just follow these "10 commandments" when hunting, purchasing, and caring for those all-important wedding rings. 1. Choose Your StyleConsider all the different options you and your soon to be spouse have in mind before going shopping. Remember this is a piece of jewelry to last you both a lifetime. You'll need to choose what color metal you want - white or yellow? Maybe all your jewelry is gold, whereas your loved one desires a white metal to complement his watch. In such a case, bands containing both yellow and white metals could be the perfect compromise. Decide if you want something basic or something flashy. Think about a band with gems or diamonds. 2. Set Your PriceStart budgeting before you start. For $125 to $600 each you can buy simple gold bands or platinum bands. According to the Diamond Information Center diamond wedding bands average $742. Expect to pay up to $8 per letter if you want the ring engraved; the price will vary according to the font you choose and how it is engraved.3. Allow Enough TimeDon't wait too long! Start pursuing your ring options a minimum of two months before the anticipated wedding day. This gives you breathing room to browse enough selections and revisit any rings that catch your fancy. If you want a customized ring, you need to allow more time. Allow at least a month for engraving. 4. Fit Your LifestyleYou'll need to be practical and think about your lifestyle. There's no point choosing something pretty that you'll never wear. This band will be on your finger everyday. Therefore you should pick something that will become a part of your daily life without interruption. If you are active you may want to choose a smooth thin band. If you work with your hands then you should avoid a large diamond ring and choose something simple that won't trap dirt. If you are allergic to any metal alloys then platinum is an excellent choice. It's hypoallergenic for the majority of individuals due to its purity. 5. Test of TimeRemember the twenty year test. Don't be afraid to choose an unusual design, but make sure it's a design you'll still be happy with in 20 years. 6. Choose the Right FitUse common sense with the size. You probably won't take your wedding bands off so when choosing the size, keep in mind that your finger will swell and contract in the various seasons as well as through menstruation, exercise and pregnancies. 7. Inspect for ConditionThis includes all rings, and needs to be emphasized for your wedding rings. Both a manufacturer's trademark and a quality mark should be inscribed on the inside of the main body of the ring. If there is more than one metal in your ring, make sure that you can see a quality mark for each. 8. Cleaning Your Ring It is a piece of cake to clean your wedding rings. If your ring has no stones then you can clean it with a soft, lint-free cloth such as a chamois. Dip the band in alcohol if you need to remove grease. The best way to clean a ring with stones is to soak it in warm soapy water, brush with a soft brush and rinse. When cleaning a ring that does have stones, these steps should be followed accordingly: wash the ring and then let it sit in warm soapy water; with a soft toothbrush or eyebrow brush gently brush the ring; then using a soft lint-free cloth pat dry.9. Provide ProtectionEven hard metals like platinum are susceptible to damage so take precautions to protect your investment. While you can never fully eliminate the risk of doing damage to your rings, you can minimize scratching and discoloration by taking them off for activities such as rough work, sports, or working with chlorine cleaners. Rings that have matte finishes show nicks and scratches the most. Platinum is also easily scratched because it is softer than gold, however platinum is more durable over the years. A qualified jeweler can fully restore your ring's luster by replacing or even changing the plating or finish.10. Wear the Ring at All TimesDo not take your ring off because it is so easy to lose. Hopefully your choice is one that will rarely have to be removed. If you come to a time when you have no choice but to take your ring off, make sure you leave it in a safe place where you'll know where it is, and make extra sure you never leave it in a pocket or near a sink. It is likely to get knocked into the drain. Removing your ring when you are not at home is the most dangerous time. Rings can be easily lost or forgotten when traveling. More people damage or lose their wedding rings in the first year of ownership than at any other time.
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